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Upon entering the bathroom he noted the body on the floor, lying with the head towards the toilet and the bath. The legs were underneath the basin towards the door. There was no ligature present on the body at that time. He had been provided with information that the ligature had already been removed and that it was already placed into an evidence bag by the time he had arrived. He noticed that the gown had blood stains but there was no blood that he could see on the back of the door or entrance of the bathroom.

A ligature imprint mark was noted to the front and side of the neck. The imprint mark was horizontally aligned, meaning that it was on a straight line horizontally across the front part of the neck and on the left side of the neck as well. It did not extend pass these points. He observed linear scratch marks located immediately under the right lower jaw.

There was no knot imprint mark against the surface of the skin. A haematoma was on the left eyelid as well as an abrasion to the left occipital bone of the eye socket. He interpreted this injury consistent with blunt force trauma to the face more specifically to the eye with a fist wearing a ring. This feature is not normally found in the case of a hanging or suicide. It is usually an indication that there was some sort of physical altercation that had occurred.

There was a small area of blood spatter on the right upper eyelid. He also noted that there was bruising to the left knee and on the left lower leg. He noted that there was a very large healing bruise to the upper right leg and thigh. Its greenish colour indicated that it had occurred a few days before. Abrasion injuries were noted on the anterior aspect of the toes of both feet with surrounding blood staining of the feet [7] and on her left shoulder were consistent with being dragged over a rough surface like the carpet of the bedroom.

Reddish colouration on the right hand knuckles indicated a bruise with a small laceration. A bruise was also noted on the wrist. These are typically defence type injuries sustained from a physical altercation. Faecal soil was noted between the buttocks, with no faecal soiling noted on the bathroom door. Early rigor mortis was present with stiffening of the feet, arms and jaw, which started in smaller joint but was not over the entire body.

The body in hanging cases is usually presented with a specific blood distribution in the lower limbs and feet, hands and forearms, and on the neck if it had slumped to one side. He explained lividity in simple terms to be that when the person dies, circulation of the blood ceases and the blood becomes stagnant in areas of the body depending on the posture of the body after death. The pattern of lividity was over the back and back of the legs, in other words the contact areas over the shoulder blades and buttocks were pale.

The pattern was indicative of the deceased laying on her back. Lividity takes about 30 minutes to start and about 3 hours to establish completely. This would assist him in calculating the estimated time of death. Time of death estimation included the consideration of multiple factors such as the cooling, the temperature he had seen of the body compared to the ambient environment as well as the changes of rigor mortis and lividity.

He interpreted his findings that the estimated time of death from the time of calculation to be 7 hrs and 30 minutes earlier, subject an interval of 2. He estimated the time of death to be at 05h40 a. He had noted that there was red staining on the bedroom floor [9] and on the bedding which he found odd. If the deceased had committed suicide by hanging in the bathroom, he could not understand why there were bloodstains on the pillow, bed sheet and duvet. This features presented as suspicious, lending to the possibility that the deceased body could have been moved or dragged naked from the bedroom to the bathroom.

From his inspection of the bathroom door lock he noted that it is possible to open the door from the outside by sliding something in the groove on the outside of the door locking mechanism. These types of locks are typical in hotel rooms for safety reasons so that if someone gets stuck it can be opened from the outside. He requested that the lock be examined by an expert in that field as well as the towel hook in order to determine if it could sustain the weight of the deceased in the course of hanging.

Based on what he had seen in the hotel room, in the bathroom, the bathroom door and the appearance of the deceased he was not comfortable to declare it as a suicide from hanging. Many features did not fit the history of suicide and hence he requested further examination of the scene by the crime scene unit. At that stage, he was of the view that the matter ought to be investigated as the death was possibly a homicide.

He performed the post mortem two days later, on Tuesday, the 26 th in the presence of investigating police and the head of the pathology unit, Dr. Khan referred to his chief post mortem report [12] and explained certain of his observations made therein: [13]. An incomplete ligature imprint mark noted to the anterior and lateral aspects front and side of the neck. The ligature mark is horizontal and terminated before the ear and did not extend further along the neck.

He did not notice any friction abrasion present at the ligature mark. He also noted that in hanging the pattern would be expected to be sloped in an upwards position sloping upwards on the sides of the neck going to the suspension point. In this case, it was horizontally aligned across the neck and just sloping slightly on the right side.

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In his view the ligature mark was applied after death post mortem and not before death ante-mortem meaning that it is a staging of a hanging. Asked by the Court to clarify what he meant by staging, he replied that the person is already dead and an attempt is made to make it look like a hanging by applying a ligature which inflicts an indentation or ligature mark. The imprint pattern and position thereof was not consistent with a hanging position.

He further explained that in his view the ligature mark was inflicted whilst the deceased was lying flat. The lividity across the back further supported this conclusion. The post-mortem lividity is fixed and well-established posteriorly with contact pallor noted over the shoulder blades and buttocks. Other possibilities of hanging positions were considered by him such as kneeling but the lividity noted did not support such an inference. Scratch marks to the right lower jaw and left side as well under the chin and in front of the neck were assessed as fingernail scratches.

In all cases of suspected hanging, strangulation or injuries sustained to the neck, a bloodless neck dissection is performed which is a specialised technique. This ensures that the injuries or haemorrhages observed in the neck region are true haemorrhages and not features that occurred after death. The process explained in simple terms would entail removal of the brain allowing the blood to be drained from the head region as well as removal of all the organs below the level of the sternal notch, which would be the lungs, heart, all the way down to the intestines.

All of these would be removed before dissecting the neck. The neck region has to be bloodless before dissection in order that any blood from any smaller vessels that are on the surface could not infiltrate that area and give an appearance that there is a haemorrhage when in fact it is not a haemorrhage. The process would start with the skin and reflect each muscle layer and then eventually down to the bones and cartilage so that each specific area is inspected for any possible injuries.

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The technique is performed in layers because a small haemorrhage can indicate where force was applied to the neck. The hyoid bone and the thyroid cartilage were inspected. There was a fracture of the thyroid cartilage. Directly under the linear abrasions scratches on skin by the jaw and above the ligature mark, haemorrhages to the subcutaneous tissue as well a large haemorrhage to the submandibular gland were observed.

A haemorrhage on the other side left side of neck where the other 3 scratch marks were noted also showed a haemorrhage to the subcutaneous tissue. These haemorrhages which were on either side of the neck of the deceased were unrelated to the ligature mark. Dissection of the hyoid bone revealed no fracture.

There was a haemorrhage which indicates that force was applied to this region of the neck. He observed a haemorrhage to the membrane which is located between the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage. The presence of a haemorrhage there is indicative of blunt force trauma to this region. This feature was unrelated to the ligature mark and usually in cases of manual strangulation it would be indicative that there was pressure applied from the left side going inwards towards the bone. Khan testified that the type of injury to the superior horn of the thyroid cartilage indicates a specific type of injury.

Combined with the haemorrhages observed in the neck it is consistent with a hand being applied to the neck with a squeezing type action over the sides of the neck, pointing to manual strangulation and not ligature strangulation. Usually in cases of hanging, very little haemorrhages would be present in the neck and the haemorrhages tend to be directly related to the ligature, which was not the case herein. He noted an area of pallor to the nose tip, upper and lower lips and slight deviation of the nose.

This indicates something had been placed over the nose and the mouth. The pallor occurs over the nose and consistent with an object or hand placed over the nose and mouth. This was confirmed by the pharyngeal soft tissue haemorrhages and congestion to the base of the tongue. He also noted congestion present of the internal organs and sub pleural petechial haemorrhages to the surface of the lungs. He indicated that it was not clear on the photo [19] but there were also fine petechial haemorrhages noted on the surface of the heart. This indicated features consistent with asphyxia, a result of interruption with respiration.

The presence of bruising injuries to the body, face and fractures to the third, fourth and fifth ribs anteriorly is evidence of blunt force trauma to the body. With CPR one can also get fractures to the ribs especially in the front if it is performed quite vigorously. The right chest wall indicated a further haemorrhage going towards the axilla which he cannot associate with resuscitation as it is quite far away from the central aspect, more likely consistent with blunt force trauma. The trauma is more consistent with a physical altercation including punching or maybe kicking to that area.

In the context of manual strangulation, the rib injuries would result from a knee placed against the person in order to overcome the victim, thereby retaining pressure on the neck as the victim would be resisting or moving their hands and body. When he flapped the scalp from the head, he found a haematoma to the scalp of the occipital region and this further confirmed that there was blunt force trauma applied to the back of the head as well.

Examination of the meninges also showed that there was haemorrhage in the subarachnoid area which indicated that there was also trauma to the head. There were contusion injuries to the surface of the lungs and this also indicates blunt force trauma to the chest wall. On inspection of the stomach, there was approximately ml of fresh blood present, indicating that there was ingestion of blood. The intestines were dark in colour pointing to the presence of blood sourcing from ingestion which had passed through the stomach and further down into the intestines.

Once he opened the intestines, he saw altered blood products. For this to have occurred there must have already been some sort of trauma that caused her to ingest blood and for it to go through the stomach and be in the intestines. This occurred before death and with the contusion injuries to the lungs, she most likely started to cough up blood and ingest it for it to pass through and go to the intestines. This would indicate that there was some sort of physical or blunt force altercation before strangulation.

His conclusion was that the deceased died of an unnatural cause consistent with asphyxia due to manual strangulation and external airway obstruction. The features of the ligature imprint abrasion mark are consistent with post-mortem application to the neck. The deceased was 1.

The first post-mortem changes the body. Rigor mortis by that time was generalised and intense. The post-mortem lividity was present posteriorly and fixed with pallor noted over the shoulder blades and buttocks which was consistent with death, not consistent to be in the upright position. The white gown was present on the deceased and there was no clothing underneath that gown. There was red staining resembling blood noted to the inner aspect of the right shoulder at the back as well as to the right neck and chest in front of the gown.

There was also no evidence of medical intervention. The ligature imprint was 6—8mm in width and was incomplete and horizontally aligned over the anterior aspect and left lateral aspect. On the right hand side it slightly sloped upwards. The imprint mark extended into the hairline and did not form an apex posteriorly. There was no point of suspension, which is the point going upwards. There was also no knot imprint which would otherwise indicate where the knot was located against the surface of the skin. The ligature imprint mark was not parchment or leathery like and presented features not consistent with ante-mortem application.

There was an abrasion noted to the left shoulder with a tangential abrasion mark with bruising noted. This injury was indicative of blunt trauma more likely caused by rubbing against a rough surface. The tangential appearance indicated further dragging across a rough surface. He observed and considered the different surfaces in the hotel room and in his view the carpet in the bedroom had a rough surface. The deceased was more likely dragged across that surface resulting in this injury. This type of drag mark would not be consistent with the tiles in the bathroom and the position of the injury is not consistent with hanging.

There was also an abrasion to the second digit of the right foot and a little abrasion on the toe on the right side. There was also a linear abrasion mark noted to the medial and anterior aspect of the first digit of the left foot. A linear abrasion mark was also noted to the medial aspect of the second digit of the toenail on the left foot.

These abrasions indicate that that it rubbed against a rough surface. They could be caused by a rough surface like the carpet in the bedroom or something else that had abraded the top of the skin off. Bruising to the left anterior lower leg had also been noted. This was a fresh bruise, different to the healing bruise as well as a fresh bruise to the left anterior and medial knee.

Blood was sent to the DNA lab and a 5-panel drug screen on the urine tested negative for drugs. A second autopsy was performed after the body was released from the state forensic pathology services. Khan was asked to consider the contents of the report and comment thereon. The key aspects of his testimony in this regard were:. Reference to the ligature imprint does not indicate whether it is an ante-mortem ligature imprint mark or post-mortem imprint mark.

The scattered abrasions and bruises on the neck, face and body are not interpreted as to what the cause of these bruises could be. No mention of the injuries to the knuckles or to the wrist were made normally indicative of defence wound injuries to that area. No mention of the fracture or the thyroid cartilage. The report is silent on the presence of blood in the stomach and the dark pigmentation of intestines indicative of congestion. The report does not address the other injuries that were present on the body and crucial findings thereof.

The report does not indicate that the special technique of a bloodless neck dissection performed during the first autopsy could not be performed during the second autopsy. The sutures would have indicated that such a technique was performed. The report is silent as to the fact that the linear abrasions of the lower jaw and on the side of the neck were above the ligature mark and thus unrelated to the ligature mark and whether or not it is related to manual strangulation. Indication that there were no identifiable definitive ante-mortem bruises to the subcutaneous tissue is misleading.

The report does not identify the possible cause of the injury to the left shoulder; the abrasion to the left occipital bridge, the haematoma to the left eye nor the bruises below the right ear and the two small focal abrasions to the knuckle of the left index finger. No comment is made on the pallor and deviation of the nose nor the lips and colour thereof. No mention was made of the skull and head injuries. No interpretation is given for the cause of the fractured ribs. Bruises to the tongue were not interpreted and is not a common feature in hanging cases.

Many of the injuries observed on the body of the deceased were omitted. The second autopsy report would not have the findings of the bloodless neck dissection which is limited to a first autopsy. Reconstruction after this type of dissection is not possible nor can a second autopsy reveal a finding or comment in connection therewith. The findings of the latter technique would be significant to differentiate the diagnosis of ligature strangulation from manual strangulation.

The second autopsy report however nonetheless makes findings of the haemorrhages in the neck area and labelled it as post-mortem artefacts with no definitive ante-mortem haemorrhages. A second autopsy cannot make findings which are exclusive to the neck dissection procedure. Khan denies that the imprint noted by Perumal on the back of the neck was on the back of the neck when the first autopsy was performed.

The second autopsy report does not comment that the ligature mark was horizontal which would conflict with a suspension from above the head. Whilst Perumal noted the linear scratch abrasions, he did not interpret the cause thereof as such injuries are important in the determination of the cause of death. Khan commented that this would be consistent with his estimation of the age of the bruise of 7 days prior to death. He added that the area to the thigh is made up of lax tissue and can bruise much easier than stiff or condensed tissue.

He further added that there was no obvious evidence of a specific bleeding tendency or abnormalities to the vessels which he had observed during the autopsy. Further placed into dispute the fact that Khan could not have known the mortuary reference number or death register number which appears in his notes. Lengthy cross examination followed on the experience of Khan and manner of his previous workings, his understanding of various calculations in forensic pathology and his understanding of lividity, cooling of the body after death and death interval time.

Counsel for defence put to Khan that his understanding as to the algor mortis calculation as reflected in his report was incorrect. As such it was put to him [26] that his estimation of the time of death was wrong. Dr Khan explained that he worked out the death time interval as being 7,5 hours earlier with a variable of 2,8 hours before and after. So death most likely happened between the range 2,8 hours before 05h40 and 2,8 hours after 05h Questioned as to the possibility that the death could have resulted from blunt force trauma as opposed to manual strangulation, Khan replied that the blunt force trauma could have contributed to the death but the findings that he found were consistent with manual strangulation and external airway obstruction.

Van der Spuy questioned Khan on his findings that he excluded the hanging the basis of the position of the lividity noted. Khan replied that lividity was not a main factor for excluding hanging but it was something he took into account in his conclusion. Khan confirmed that the appearance of the ligature imprint mark and its nature was a major factor informing his conclusion of manual strangulation as well as the fact that the geographical locations of the marks around the deceased neck underlying layers were different to that of the appearance of the ligature on the outside skin surface.

Khan conceded that the explanation that deceased had fallen on a dumbbell could have caused the bruise to her upper thigh but it does not explain other healing and fresh injuries. It was put to Khan that the deceased would have been under the influence of alcohol and although her blood alcohol test read as being below the legal limit at 0. Khan replied that he was provided the information that she drank alcohol the night before and he took the sample to get the content determination which indicated deceased had a low alcohol level and not likely intoxicated at time of her death.

Khan explained given the history that the deceased and her husband had an argument, his observations of the scene and injuries noted on the body of the deceased, lend reasonable cause for an investigation as he suggested. Van der Spuy put to Khan that it was beyond his mandate and is out of line for him to have done so. Khan replied that this is based on his experience in the Western Cape where they have had potential accused suspects leave immediately after an event occurring and that it is a recommendation as he was informed by the police that the husband of the deceased was going to the airport to travel to Johannesburg.

As he was not sure as to his post mortem conclusion at that stage, he considered it prudent to make the recommendation. Khan conceded that he did not perform the special technique of a pneumohemothorax as he did not consider it necessary. He also confirmed that he although he did not perform a facial flap dissection, he concluded that a secondary cause of death to be smothering as there were other injuries indicating to smothering such as injuries inside the mouth and haemorrhages to the pharynx and tongue.

These were consistent with injuries that you would find in smothering. Khan indicated that it was not necessary to perform further tests and techniques to determine the cause of death as the injuries observed confirmed a finding of the cause of death as manual strangulation and external airway obstruction.

The testimony of this witness was essentially on cell phone data and how it works, the methodology and the sequence of cell phone activity. He also explained how the software works for advanced extractions and the extraction process of data. He did extractions of 2 phones as per the request of the investigating officer in this matter. Engelbrecht testified that whatsapp messages were deleted between the accused and Jolene around 08 August Whilst he cannot see the content of the messages, he can see that there was contact between them. The cell phones of the accused and that of Jolene had no sim cards.

He however accessed the data from the device itself. Then at 07h02am and 07h06am there were a whatsapp message from the deceased to Jolene. The last communication from the deceased to Jolene was at 07h He runs a construction business. He was notified on the Sunday morning about the death of the deceased. He immediately went to Spier Hotel and was directed to a room where he found Jason. He described Jason as tearful and that he appeared devastated. People were moving around in the room and Neville went in and out of the room whilst other people entered.

Someone took a statement from Jason. Jason explained that they had a fight, and Neville asked to see his hands. He said that Susan had tripped in the car park and that she cut herself which is where the blood had come from. Jason was well dressed and cleanly shaven. When Jason finished his statement, Neville told him to read to Jason before he signed it, which they did. He confirmed that to be the statement made and read out the contents of the statement. Norton said in his statement that Jason never spoke to him at the funeral and that the he Jason was late and never stayed for tea after the funeral.

In answer to a question by the defence whether the family treated Jason like a husband or son in law that suffered a tragedy, Norton replied that there was compassion mixed with suspicion. He confirmed that to his knowledge Jason never displayed violence to Susan. She confirmed that she was requested to analyse cell phone records in this matter which she received from investigating officers. She also obtained cell phone records through the process of Section summonses and call reports from Spier Hotel.

Van Niekerk took the Court through her methodology. She established a timeline of communication between the accused, deceased and Jolene Alterskye. Exhibit M was handed up which was her statement and extraction data. On 24 July the accused cell phone data shows at:. The extractions and information established a basic timeline integrated in time sequence which the witness indicated as:. Newcombe on Friday, 22 July were exchanged as follows: [33]. The witness testified to messages extracted between Jason to Jolene on the Saturday, 23 rd July Van Niekerk testified regarding incoming and outgoing calls between the accused and Jolene for the period of February until July [35] as well as exchanged messages between the accused and deceased on the Saturday, the 23rd.

Newcombe attained a nursing diploma, Bachelor of Arts in psychology, worked at a psychiatric hospital for several years and did her Honours and Masters in Psychology. She did her dissertation on post-traumatic stress disorder and the impact thereof on adolescence and worked at a Child Adolescent Family Unit as a registered psychologist. Thereafter, she went into private practice. Newcombe testified that Susan consulted with her in May , which was the first of 8 sessions, every Wednesday at 08h She took the Court through her methodology applied and information collated from the deceased.

Susan informed her that her husband had been having an affair with one Jolene which was ongoing. The affair started in June When she found out he stopped the affair immediately and he had communicated to Jolene and said that he loved his wife and wanted to work on their relationship.

The deceased was much calmer during the second session and appeared more composed. During sessions they also dealt with her family history and relationships with members of her family. When she was 35 she discovered that her father had an extra-marital affair which was devastating to her. However, her parents have remained together and seem to be having a better relationship. Susan was battling to cope with the fact that her husband had lied to her and this affair seems to have been both an emotional and sexual affair. He had ended the relationship but had become quite aggressive about the way he wanted them to move forward.

Susan denied that there was any violence in the marriage but informed her that they would have fierce arguments. Susan said that she felt that her husband was irritated with her constantly harping on about the affair and that she was anxious, especially when Jason travelled. He was very frustrated with her anxieties which she had expressed regarding the affair. Susan expressed that she was lacking self-esteem and could be depressed. Newcombe indicated that when a patient said this she would explore what is meant by that.

She checked whether Susan had any of the symptoms of depression. Susan shared that she had contacted Jolene to leave Jason alone. She perceived that Jolene was very invested in Jason and wanted this relationship. Newcombe perceived Susan as wanting to protect Jason from being hoovered back into the affair with Jolene. She said that Susan wanted to fix the relationship and wanted to know how to manage her anger and turmoil as she felt that the infidelity had turned her life upside down.

It affected how she felt about everything so she started to doubt her own ability to recognise the truth from non-truth and felt lost. Newcombe indicated that these feelings and experiences are normal when a spouse finds out that their spouse had been having an affair. Susan was very sensitive to being criticised and possibly she had an issue with envy. Susan disclosed in therapy that she met Jason at a party when they were 19 years old. She said that he was quite jealous of her and had a volatile temper but was gentle and kind most of the time.

Susan said that Jason is very sensitive about being criticised and loses his temper quickly. Susan was very involved in an orphanage called Hearts of Hope as well as a primary school. She also provided support counselling to victims at Sandton Police Station. When Newcombe asked Susan whether she had any current fears, she mentioned that she feared that they will continue to treat each other badly and that she will continue to live in fear. She feared that their family will be exposed to the tension at home and that Jason would lie to her again.

Susan described the marital relationship to always be a loving relationship but that it had become distant in the past months. All their friends saw them as the perfect couple. She was angry that whilst Jolene knew that Jason was married, she did not refrain from getting romantically involved with her husband. Susan said that both her father and Jason were short tempered, both had affairs and both are untrustworthy. Susan was still very anxious when she was away from Jason and in particular when Jason went away as his work was in Cape Town. Susan perceived Jason as being understanding about her anxieties as he would take photos of where he was so that she would feel more at ease.

She said that she checked his cell phone to see if there was any indication that Jason and Jolene were still in contact. They also spoke about the couple therapy and Susan said that she was anxious about upsetting Jason so she was not really talking about what her side of things were. Susan did not tell her family or friends about the affair as she did not want people to hold Jason responsible or dislike him for what was going on.

She felt that she had no one to really talk about what was happening. This was distressing as she was trying to deal with it all on her own. In another session Susan was very distressed and crying. It was however in relation to her eldest daughter as she had a big fight with her and the session focused mostly on that issue. Newcombe said that it appeared to her that Susan did not always put her needs out there as she did not always get an empathic response.

Jason was angry that she wanted to go with him to the conference in Cape Town and was looking for reasons why she should not go with. Susan wanted to go and she wanted her and Jason to be seen as this strong intimate couple so that Jolene would not think that there was space for her to be in a relationship with Jason.

In the last session it was discussed that if she discovered the affair was still ongoing, she planned to leave the conference and go to her sister. Susan called her from Spier on the Friday evening and told her that she was complimented at the conference as being beautiful and that she had no reason to feel threatened by younger women. This distressed her because she wished that it was Jason saying those things about her. Susan told her that she did not greet Jolene at the conference which she was quite anxious about.

They spoke about the fact that she had nothing to be ashamed about and that she was entitled to be there. During the telephone call, Newcombe experienced Susan as distressed but neither depressed nor despairing. Later that evening she received a message from Susan. She indicated that she greeted Jolene and said that she hoped that she never had to meet her again. Newcombe asked Susan whether it made her feel better and whether she felt stronger for it, to which she responded positively. Newcombe said that she did not experience Susan as suicidal and that she did not experience her as a suicidal threat.

She is of the view that Susan had not given up on life and that she had several protective factors which would have prevented her from being suicidal. Susan did not think that the affair would lead to divorce. Susan was very involved and invested in her children which also gave her meaning. She was involved in charitable works in her community.

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Susan was very integrated into her friendship circle and was well liked by others. Newcombe said that when she heard what had happened she was initially completely shocked as she heard that Susan had killed herself. She said that her immediate thought was as to what she had missed. This prompted her to go back to her notes to see if there were things that would suggest that Susan was in fact vulnerable to suicide.

Newcombe testified that she was satisfied and sure that she did not miss anything and that Susan did not present as depressed or suicidal. The witness was referred to the statement by the marriage counsellor that Susan might need to be admitted to hospital. In exploring the possibility of an admission it became clear that Susan became increasingly anxious when she experienced Jason as being emotionally distant.

This would trigger her preoccupation with the details of the affair, which made Jason angry and he withdrew further. She came across in therapy as someone that would be able to take back control of her emotions and progressed well with therapeutic treatment.

Although Susan was quick to anger in heated arguments with Jason and experience emotional spill overs, she also cooled down very quickly and moved on. Susan presented as an intelligent, attractive woman, whose responses to situations were both appropriate and proportional. She engaged well in the therapeutic relationship and was forthcoming with information and considered in her responses. Whilst Susan was anxious and tearful at times, she was easily soothed and able to take control and think her way through situations. Neither an examination of her history, nor the way she presented gave any indication of potential suicidal behaviour.

She was more anxious than depressed and there was no evidence of impulsivity or acting out behaviour. In Under cross-examination Newcombe conceded that Susan had come to see her after she had given a talk at the Sandton Police Station to volunteer counsellors on the topic of depression and suicide. Defence counsel asked Newcombe to read out a number of heated messages exchanged between Susan and Jason on the Saturday at Spier. The messages were not listed in chronological order. Newcombe was asked to consider whether the exchanged messages reflected Susan as being rational.

She answered that it struck her more that Susan was in a rage, however she cannot give context as to what put her in the rage. Defence asked whether he is correct in saying that if Susan was bipolar, manic, depressed and anxious she may have wanted to commit suicide. Newcombe replied that she was confident in stating that Susan was not bipolar or manic depressive and that although she had some narcissistic features she did not qualify to have narcissistic personality disorder.

As to how involved she was with her children, Newcombe replied that she spoke about her children with concern and love. She cared about their development and discipline. The way she spoke about the family as well as her relationship and her care about her children, came across in a positive way.

Newcombe said that Susan was a good candidate for long term psychodynamic psychotherapy as she was thoughtful and could self-reflect meaning that she had an observing ego whereby she could look at her own behaviour and comment on it. Susan was able to identify her expectations of therapy. Susan recorded in the questionnaire that she hoped to process her anger and develop a good sense of what she should expect from herself and her husband in terms of going forward. Newcombe said that she had at least 8 sessions with Susan and that the purpose of the session notes is not to give a detailed outline of everything discussed in these sessions but to provide a trigger to prompt her memory so that there is continuity between sessions.

She was asked if she had dealt with any other suicides. She replied that she never had a patient that had completed suicide. But that she has had several who were severely depressed and required hospitalisation and who have been hospitalised then recover and come back to therapy. Patients who have attempted to commit suicide were those with personality disorders and had impulsive tendencies.

Whilst Newcombe conceded that the information she had regarding Susan was based on what Susan had shared with her, she explained that her views is also based on her interpretation of interactions with Susan and the knowledge which she acquired in practice combined with her clinical judgment. Defence asked whether she performed a basic mental examination for signs of depression on Susan.

Newcombe said that she spoke to Susan about the signs and symptoms of depression. The subpoena was sent to acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney by three Democratic committee chairmen, who now has a two-week deadline of Oct. A letter from the chairmen of the House committees on Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, and Oversight requested all of Pence's records related to Trump's calls with Zelensky, his communications about the calls with federal agencies, and Trump's decision to cancel Pence's trip to Zelensky's inauguration in May.

Pence has until Oct. Perry met with Zelensky at least three times while in office. Perry is expected to return to the private sector once he resigns in November. The department recently took Trump's side in a federal lawsuit against the Manhattan district attorney attempting to block a subpoena for Trump's tax returns. In other cases, the Justice Department supported Trump's attempt to block a House Oversight Committee subpoena to his accountants, Mazars USA, seeking his tax returns, and subpoenas to two of Trump's banks, Deutsche Bank and Capital One, seeking documents related to his loans.

The Louisiana law, enacted in , would leave the state with only one doctor eligible to perform abortions. The requirement is similar to a Texas law the Supreme Court struck down in , finding it posed an undue burden on a woman's constitutional right to access an abortion. A decision is expected in the summer of Earlier in the day, Microsoft said that hackers, with backing from Iran's government, had attempted to identify, attack, and breach email accounts associated with current and former U.

Microsoft said it had seen "significant cyber activity" from a group it believes "originates from Iran and is linked to the Iranian government," who made more than 2, attempts to identify e-mail addresses between August and September. Trump said he hadn't directly asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to investigate the Bidens, but it's "certainly something we could start thinking about.

Trump also doubled down on pressuring the Ukrainian president, saying that "if it were me, I would recommend that [Ukraine] start an investigation into the Bidens. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff: Trump's call for China to investigate the Bidens is "repugnant" and "ought to be condemned by every member" of Congress. Ukraine's former President said Biden never asked him to open or close any criminal cases. Petro Poroshenko refuted Trump's claims that Biden abused his power to pressure Kiev to dismiss a federal prosecutor who was investigating a natural gas company of which Biden's son was a board member.

Pence claimed that he did not discuss Biden during a September meeting with the Ukrainian President. Pence instead suggested that the unfounded allegations against Biden and his son should be investigated. Officials close to Pence insist that he wasn't aware of Trump's efforts to press Zelensky for damaging information. One of Pence's top advisers, however, was on the July 25th call and should have had access to the transcript within hours. On July 26th — two days after the prime minister took office and one day after Trump spoke to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky — Trump called Johnson to ask for help gathering evidence to undermine the investigation into his campaign's links to Russia.

Attorney General William Barr arrived in London days after Trump's call with Johnson and told British officials that he believed that information from British agencies led to the Mueller investigation. Joseph Mifsud applied for police protection in Italy after leaving Link University, where he worked. He gave a taped deposition to explain why people might want to harm him. Since the completion of Mueller's probe in March , Barr and U.

Attorney John Durham of Connecticut have worked to undermine the Mueller investigation and investigate the investigators behind it. Daily Beast. Trump initiated the discussion — with Barr's knowledge and at his suggestion — in recent weeks with Prime Minister Scott Morrison explicitly for the purpose of requesting Australia's help in the Justice Department review that Trump believes will show that the Mueller investigation had corrupt and partisan origins. Similar to the call with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, the discussion with Morrison shows Trump using high-level diplomacy to advance his personal political interests.

The White House restricted access of the transcript to a small group of Trump's aides. The White House record of the call was moved to the highly secured electronic system used to also store the phone call with Ukraine's President. In that call, Trump also told Xi he would remain quiet about the Hong Kong protests as trade talks progressed.

The whistleblower's complaint alleged that Kurt Volker went to Kiev to advise the Ukrainians on how to "navigate" Trump's demands and put Giuliani in touch with Zelensky aides. Volker shared a September 9th text exchange with Congress in which Bill Taylor, the top American diplomat in Ukraine, alluded to Trump's decision to freeze a military aid package to the country. Taylor told Gordon Sondland, the United States ambassador to the European Union and Volker: "I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.

The statement, drafted by Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker, would have also committed the Ukrainian government to look into what Trump and Giuliani believe was interference by Ukrainians in the election to benefit Hillary Clinton. The statement was written with the awareness of a top aide to the Ukrainian president, as well as Giuliani, but it's unclear if it was delivered to Zelensky.

State Department Inspector General Steve Linick gave Congress the page packet Wednesday, which included nearly 20 pages of communications between State Department employees working to push back against the "fake narrative" that Giuliani was pushing. Linick told Congress that the department's office of legal counsel had provided the documents to him in May, which he gave to the FBI.

The documents were in Trump Hotel folders and included "interview" notes Giuliani conducted with Viktor Shokin, the former General Prosecutor of Ukraine who was pushed out at the urging of Biden because he didn't prosecute corruption. Volker told House investigators that he tried to caution Guiliani that his sources were unreliable and that he should be careful with believing stories by Shokin, Ukraine's former top prosecutor.

Trump and Giuliani contend that, as vice president, Biden pushed for the firing Shokin as part of a corrupt plot to stop investigations into a Ukrainian natural gas company that employed Biden's son Hunter. Giuliani was seeking information about a so-called "black ledger" to support his theory that the real story of was not Russian interference to elect Trump, but Ukrainian efforts to support Hillary Clinton. A handwritten ledger surfaced in Ukraine last August with dollar amounts and dates listed next to the name of Manafort, who was then Donald Trump's campaign chairman.

Expose illegal stalking by corrupt law enforcement personnel

Manafort originally said the transactions in the ledger were fabricated. Now, he says the transactions corroborated are legal. Associated Press. The Atlantic. Valentin Nalyvaichenko, the former head of Ukraine's domestic intelligence agency and a member of Ukraine's parliament, said the country will pursue an investigation related to Burisma gas company's alleged multimillion-dollar corruption deals, but not because of Trump's pressure.

Rather, Ukraine wants to know whether the founder, Ukraine's ex-minister of natural resources, had paid to quash earlier investigations into the way he acquired gas licenses. Nalyvaichenko said Ukraine should also be interested in an investigation into the "black ledger" that recorded slush-fund payments to Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager.

USA Today. Trump told aides last year he wanted U. He also suggested the excavation of a border trench, or moat, that could be stocked with dangerous reptiles. The Washington Post independently confirmed that the president did, in fact, say those things during border security meetings, including when he demanded the wholesale closure of the Mexico border and appeared prepared to enforce the decree with violence. The U. The tariffs are set to go into effect on Oct. House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings notified committee members that the subpoena will be issued Friday, citing the White House's "flagrant disregard" of previous requests for documents.

Cummings said the committee has "tried several times to obtain voluntary compliance with our requests for documents" over the last several weeks, but the White House hasn't responded. Separately, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said that any efforts by Trump and his administration to stonewall or interfere with their investigation "will be considered as evidence of obstruction of justice. Trump's tweets came after he suggested that the impeachment inquiry amounted to an attempted coup.

At a joint news conference later in the day with Finland's president, Trump attacked reporters who asked about the impeachment inquiry, calling it a hoax and a fraud, but said he would cooperate with the inquiry, claiming: "I always cooperate. Adam Schiff learned about the outlines of the whistleblower's concerns that Trump had abused his power days before the whistleblower filed the complaint.

Schiff's office denied seeing the complaint in advance, but it also explains how Schiff knew to press for the complaint when the Trump administration initially blocked lawmakers from seeing it. Trump — without evidence — claimed that Schiff "probably helped write" the whistleblower complaint, calling Schiff "a shifty dishonest guy" and the complaint "a scam. Adam Schiff said Joseph Maguire, the acting DNI, consulted the Justice Department about the whistleblower complaint prior to his decision to withhold the complaint — a departure from standard practice.

The complaint was submitted on Aug. Maguire had told Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, that he would not provide the complaint "because he is being instructed not to" by "a higher authority" who is "above" the cabinet-level position of the director of national intelligence. The formal complaint was filed with Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who "determined that this complaint is both credible and urgent.

Trump, meanwhile, denied that he made any "promise" to a foreign leader, calling the formal complaint "Presidential Harassment! While Trump did not name names, he said "I probably will be bringing litigation against a lot of people having to do with the corrupt investigation into the election. And I have every right to. Trump v The Swamp. Pompeo's admission was the first time he confirmed that he was on the call — after previously evading questions about what he knew about the conversation and news reports that revealed he was on the call.

Attorney General William Barr traveled to Italy to meet with Italian secret service agents and listen to a taped deposition by the professor who promised George Papadopoulos he could deliver Russian "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. Pompeo said that he hadn't yet read the whistleblower's complaint, but claimed that actions by State Department officials had been "entirely appropriate and consistent" with the Trump's administration efforts to improve relations with Ukraine.

Three House committees subpoenaed Pompeo on Friday for documents related to the inquiry. The goal those contacts was to produce stories that could damage Joe Biden or undermine the U. Australian officials passed the information about Papadopoulos to their American counterparts two months later, when leaked Democratic emails began appearing online.

The FBI opened its counterintelligence investigation in July into Russia's attempts to disrupt the election following the revelation that the Trump campaign had information about the DNC's hacked emails Trump and his advisers have dismissed Papadopoulos' campaign role as just a "coffee boy.

In a two-page filing, the Justice Department told a judge in Washington that the Trump administration and executive office of the president "voluntarily agree […] to preserve the material at issue pending" litigation. The question of preserving the information arose in federal court following government transparency and historical archivist groups' emergency request to maintain the notes from the Trump-Volodymyr Zelensky July 25th call, as well as other Trump discussions with world leaders. The House Oversight Committee is investigating whether groups — including at least one foreign government — tried to curry favor with Trump by booking rooms at his hotels but never using them , and whether Trump broke the law by accepting money from U.

The investigation began after the committee received information that a trade association and a foreign government booked a large quantity of rooms but used only a fraction of them. Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Trump's agriculture secretary said that he doesn't know if the family dairy farm can survive. I don't think in America we, for any small business, we have a guaranteed income or guaranteed profitability. A federal judge in California blocked a state law that required presidential candidates to release their income tax returns before appearing on the state's primary ballot.

The judge said the law presents a "troubling minefield" and would set a dangerous precedent and become a slippery slope for other kinds of disclosures. Senate Democrats asked the IRS to consider stripping the National Rifle Association of its tax-exempt status after a months-long investigation that found that the NRA worked closely with Russian nationals who wanted access to the American political system. Pompeo characterized efforts to depose officials as "an attempt to intimidate, bully, and treat improperly, the distinguished professionals of the Department of State.

Ulrich Brechbuhl and Ambassador Gordon Sondland — were mentioned in the whistleblower complaint. The briefing, expected to be conducted by Steve Linick, will be held in a secure location on Capitol Hill during a congressional recess, suggesting that it's connected to the whistleblower complaint. More tomorrow! Atkinson added that he determined the whistleblower "had official and authorized access to the information and sources referenced in the complainant's letter and classified appendix, including direct knowledge of certain alleged conduct, and that the complainant has subject matter expertise related to much of the material information provided.

Trump's first homeland security adviser said he repeatedly warned Trump that the theory that Ukraine — not Russia — intervened in the election and did so on behalf of the Democrats was "completely debunked. Attorney General William Barr and Mike Pompeo personally participated in contacts between Trump and at least four foreign leaders. The changes included a new log of who accessed documents in the NSC's system.

The White House began using the codeword system to restrict the number of officials who had access to transcripts following leaks in The attorneys made the suggestion in a court filing as part of the Judiciary Committee's attempts to obtain the grand jury materials. The filing says the materials not only reveal Trump's motives for obstructing Mueller's probe, but "they also could reveal that Trump was aware of his campaign's contacts with WikiLeaks. Giuliani tapped Jon Sale after the committee issued a subpoena on Monday demanding details about Guiliani's interactions with Trump administration officials.

Giuliani will continue to represent Trump. The Hill. Monmouth University Polling Institute. In March, Trump ordered advisers to price out the cost of fortifying his border wall with a water-filled trench stocked with snakes or alligators, and electrified with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh.

During the Oval Office meeting, Trump also suggested that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down. He was advised that that was illegal. Trump then ordered advisers to shut down the entire 2,mile border with Mexico by noon the next day. Trump attacked the Federal Reserve for the slowdown in manufacturing , claiming the central bank is "pathetic" and doesn't have a "clue. The House Ways and Means chairman is consulting lawyers about allegations regarding "possible misconduct" and "inappropriate efforts to influence" the Internal Revenue Service's auditing of Trump's taxes.

A federal appeals court on ruled in favor of the Federal Communications Commission and upheld its repeal net neutrality protections. The new guidelines would allow broadband providers to block or slow internet traffic or offer priority service where companies could pay for their content to reach internet users at faster speeds. Trump accused Schiff of "illegally" misrepresenting him during acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire's testimony last week, saying "It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call.

Arrest for Treason? In a letter to Giuliani, the heads of three House committees asked for information going back to January related to efforts to get Ukraine's government to investigate the Biden family, noting "a growing public record" of information appearing "to have pressed the Ukrainian government to pursue two politically-motivated investigations. Barr previously met with British intelligence officials, and last week traveled to Italy to ask the Italians to assist John Durham, the U.

Dark Side of Harassment | Electronic Harassment and Surveillance

It was not Barr's first trip to Italy to meet intelligence officials. With Putin, access to the transcript of at least one of Trump's conversations were restricted, though it's not clear if aides placed the Russian phone calls in the same highly secured electronic system that held the phone call with Ukraine's president. There were no transcripts made of the phone conversations between Trump and the Saudi king or crown prince, which came as the White House was confronting the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In a letter to Joseph Maguire, the acting director of national intelligence, Andrew Bakaj, the whistleblower's lead attorney, said Trump's call for "the person who gave the whistleblower the information" to be publicly identified "have heightened our concerns that our client's identity will be disclosed publicly and that, as a result, our client will be put in harm's way. The subpoena demands that Pompeo provide documents by Oct.

Volker reportedly arranged for Rudy Giuliani to meet with high-level Ukrainian officials, and Yovanovitch was removed as U. In a joint letter to Pompeo, the chairmen of the three committees said a "failure or refusal to comply with the subpoena shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the House's impeachment inquiry. Zelensky said Kiev was unlikely to publish its version of a transcript from the July 25th with Trump. The White House published its summary of the call last week, but Zelensky said he felt it would be wrong to share the Ukrainian summary or transcript of the call.

When asked whether Kiev would open an investigation into the claims against Biden and his son, Zelensky said Ukraine would not act solely at the behest of other nations. A memorandum summarizing the meeting was limited to select officials with the highest security clearances in an attempt to keep Trump's comments from being disclosed publicly. Sergey Lavrov met with Rex Tillerson earlier in the day and sarcastically acknowledged the dismissal of James Comey by saying "Was he fired?

You're kidding. Trump also met with Sergey Kislyak, a key figure in the Flynn investigation. Kurt Volker tendered his resignation to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday — hours after three House committees announced that he was among the State Department officials who would be compelled to testify. The committees are expected to examine Volker's role in facilitating contacts between Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian officials on Trump's behalf this past summer.

The whistleblower also said Volker was one of the officials trying to "contain the damage" to U. Volker plans to appear at his deposition next Thursday in front of the Intelligence, Oversight and Reform and Foreign Affairs committees. The Republican-held Senate, however, is unlikely to vote to convict Trump and remove him from office. The Constitution gives the Senate the power to try the president if he is impeached by the House, but it does not set a timetable for the process. CBS News. More than former U. But the list includes others who served as career officials in both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Former officials from the intelligence community, the Defense Department, the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security also signed the statement. A Kremlin spokesperson said Russia hopes the U. He called the move to release the information "a rather unusual practice," and said that as a rule, "materials from conversations on the level of the head of state are considered secret or top secret.

The whistleblower said that moving the record of the call was unusual, because it was "used to store and handle classified information of an especially sensitive level" and evidence that "White House officials understood the gravity of what had transpired" during the conversation. According to the whistleblower, "one White House official described this act as an abuse of this electronic system because the call did not contain anything remotely sensitive from a national security perspective.

In a letter sent by the House Appropriations Committee and the House Budget Committee to acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and acting Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought, lawmakers said they were concerned that actions by the OMB to withhold military aid for Ukraine were "an abuse of the authority provided to the president to apportion appropriations. The Intelligence Committee expects to have a hearing as soon as next Friday.

New York prosecutors temporarily agreed to not enforce a subpoena for eight years of Trump's tax returns. A federal judge blocked the Trump administration from expanding family detention. In August, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services issued new rules attempting terminate the Flores Settlement Agreenment and lift the day limit for holding children in detention.

The House voted to overturn Trump's national emergency declaration to fund his border wall. The resolution, which passed also passed the Senate, now heads to the White House, where Trump is expected to veto it. A Washington, D. The National Rifle Association acted as a "foreign asset" for Russia leading up to the election and may have violated numerous tax laws by ignoring the rules associated with nonprofit tax status, according to a new report by Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee.

The NRA paid for lodging and travel of Russian nationals throughout and , and underwrote political access for Russian nationals Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin more than previously known. Multiple White House officials were reportedly "deeply disturbed" by Trump's July 25th phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and tried to "lock down" all records of the call. The complaint notes that White House lawyers were "already in discussion" about "how to treat the call because of the likelihood, in the officials' retelling, that they had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain.

According to White House officials who informed the whistleblower, this was "not the first time" a transcript was put on the computer system reserved for code-word-level intelligence information due to concerns about politics, rather than national security. The whistleblower also described Rudy Giuliani as a "central figure in this effort," which includes attempts at "pressuring a foreign country to investigate the President's main domestic political rivals.

The whistleblower complaint was declassified and released to the public. The full version of the complaint was released to Congress yesterday. The complaint was filed on Aug. The House voted to release the complaint. Two House members voted present and 10 did not vote. Read the full text of the whistleblower complaint. House Intelligence Committee. Joseph Maguire told members of the House Intelligence Committee that he asked White House lawyers about the "urgent" whistleblower complaint involving Trump, saying it "seemed prudent" since conversations with foreign leaders are typically subject to executive privilege.

Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence community and a Trump-appointee, deemed the complaint "urgent" and credible. Maguire, however, consulted with the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, which determined that the complaint did not meet the legal definition of "urgent" because it did not involve a member of the intelligence community and therefore fell outside his jurisdiction. Maguire also dodged questions about whether he spoke with Trump about the complaint, saying "My conversations with the president, because I'm the director of national intelligence, are privileged.

It's the first known example of a foreign leader trying to influence Trump by spending money at his properties and telling him about it. A lobbyist who registered as an agent of Zelensky's with the U. Ambassador Kurt Volker, who also worked at a lobbying firm that continued to represent the Government of Ukraine for almost two years after he started as special envoy, contacted Giuliani and put him "in direct contact" with Andriy Yermak, a top adviser to Zelensky.

The two eventually met face-to-face in Spain. Giuliani said he never received a security clearance to meet with Yermak in Spain. Justin Amash — have indicated their support for some form of impeachment action. Morning Consult. Trump cut the American refugee program by almost half. The administration will accept 18, refugees over the next 12 months — down from the current limit of 30, Obama allowed , in EPA notified California that the state is "failing to meet its obligations" to protect the environment.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler cited multiple instances of California failing to meet federal water-quality standards, attributing this to "the growing homelessness crisis developing in major California cities […] and the impact of this crisis on the environment. Trump told Zelensky he'd have Attorney General William Barr and Rudy Guiliani contact him and help Ukraine "figure it out" and "get to the bottom of it.

Trump also asked Zelensky to investigate Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the U. The director of national intelligence and the inspector general for the intelligence community each referred the complaint for a possible criminal investigation into Trump's actions after the whistleblower complaint raising concerns about Trump's call with Zelensky. The Justice Department, however, concluded that it "could not make out a criminal campaign finance violation" based on the summary of the call. Officials, however, didn't take into consideration that Trump was withholding aid to Ukraine at the time.

Trump, meanwhile, accused Democrats and reporters of pursuing a "hoax" against him. Trump insisted that "we want transparency" while calling the impeachment inquiry "a joke. Read the "transcript" of Trump's call with Zelensky. Five key takeaways from the transcript. BuzzFeed News. What we know and don't know about Trump and Ukraine. Trump said the transcript released today was from the second call he had with Zelensky and that he would release the first phone call. Trump said Pence also has had "one or two" conversations related to the matter, and that his administration should release information about those calls, too.

The acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, until now had blocked Congress from seeing the complaint. Separately, White House officials are working with intelligence officials on a deal to allow the whistleblower to speak with congressional investigators. Joseph Maguire warned the White House that he was not willing to withhold information from Congress, forcing the White House to make a legal decision on whether it was going to assert executive privilege over the whistleblower complaint.

McGuire later denied reports that he threatened to resign, saying that "at no time have I considered resigning my position since assuming this role on Aug. The nonbinding resolution criticizes the "unprecedented and highly inappropriate efforts" to question the whistleblower's credibility. The vote was to 0 with two lawmakers voting present. More than members of the Democratic caucus — nearly enough to form a majority of the House — had embraced impeachment proceedings. The White House then emailed Democrats a follow-up email recalling the message. General Assembly today in New York.

The pre-planned meeting with Zelensky comes less than 24 hours after Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House would begin a formal impeachment inquiry. Senior White House officials said Trump is planning to congratulate Zelensky on his latest election win and his "energy and success" so far when it comes to fighting corruption in Ukraine.

Trump is also expected to bring up "his concerns about what he sees as some predatory Chinese economic activity in Ukraine. A United Nations report warned that ocean warming is accelerating and sea levels are rising "more than twice as fast" than in the 20th century — and faster than previously estimated. While sea levels rose by about a half-inch in total during the 20th century, they are now rising about 0.

The report predicts that sea levels will "continue to rise" — possibly reaching around feet by — even if countries curb emissions and limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, which was the Paris Agreement's goal. Temperatures are already 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels However, "if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase strongly," then the world could see 3. The report concludes that the world's oceans and ice sheets are under such severe stress that hotter ocean temperatures, combined with rising sea levels, threaten to create more destructive tropical cyclones and floods.

The report warns that the world's land and water resources are being exploited at "unprecedented rates" and "the cycle is accelerating. The report offered several proposals for addressing food supplies, including reducing red meat consumption, adopting plant-based diets, and eating more fruits, vegetables and seeds. It would also make people healthier. The report finds that the atmosphere could warm by as much as 2. To prevent 2. Trump has mocked the science of human-caused climate change, vowing to increase the burning of coal, and he intends to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

The world is already more than halfway to the 2. Global emissions grew 1. We are in deep trouble with climate change. The Senate voted — short of the two-thirds majority needed to overcome the Trump's likely veto. The Trump administration signed a deal with Honduras to force immigrants to first seek asylum there before coming to America , regardless of whether they're seeking help from the U. The agreement is similar to the one made with El Salvador and Guatemala.

A Trump administration proposal could end free school lunches for about , children. The change would limit the number of people who qualify for food stamps, cutting an estimated 3 million people from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. Trump's Turnberry resort is the only hotel named by Glasgow Prestwick Airport in promotional material distributed to U. The Scottish Government-owned airport handed out the document at "closed" meetings with U. Armed Forces personnel, emphasizing the "five star" status of Trump's property, noting how it has been "newly refurbished.

Pelosi told House Democrats in a closed door meeting she will support a formal impeachment inquiry, believing that Trump pressuring the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's son and his administration's subsequent refusal to share the whistleblower report with Congress has left the House with no alternative but to move forward with an inquiry. Pelosi and top Democrats have privately discussed the creation of a special select committee — similar the one created in to investigate the Watergate scandal — to conduct the impeachment inquiry, rather than leaving the task with the House Judiciary Committee.

Democrats are also discussing a resolution condemning Trump's interaction with his Ukrainian counterpart to put lawmakers on the record. Trump, meanwhile, called the allegations a "witch hunt" and said impeachment will be "a positive for me in the election. Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, passed the order through the budget office to the Pentagon and the State Department during an interagency meeting in mid-July, explaining that Trump had "concerns" about whether or not the aid was necessary. White House officials were ordered to tell lawmakers that the delays in funding were part of an "interagency process," but were instructed to give them no additional information.

Trump — despite confirming that he did indeed discuss Biden with Ukraine's president — denied that he withheld aid from Ukraine in an attempt to press President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on Biden, saying "No, I didn't — I didn't do it. They were fully paid. There was no pressure applied, nothing. The only way they can try is through impeachment. Trump insisted that the call was "totally appropriate" and pledged to release the full text on Wednesday.

Adam Schiff said the whistleblower's lawyer informed him the official "has requested guidance" from the acting Director of National Intelligence on his appearance, with potential testimony taking place "as soon as this week. It was not immediately clear whether the White House will agree to let the official be questioned. The GOP-controlled Senate approved the nonbinding but symbolic resolution put forward by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calling on the Trump administration to immediately provide the two intelligence committees with a copy of the whistleblower complaint involving Trump.

The Neighbors Are Watching Via Surveillance Video

Federal prosecutors in New York rejected Trump's claim that he has "sweeping immunity" from a criminal probe while he is in office. Trump made the claim in an attempt to block a subpoena for his tax returns, which is part of an investigation into hush-money payments made during the presidential campaign to two women who say they had affairs with Trump. Prosecutors argued in a court filing that Trump is "seeking to invent and enforce a new presidential 'tax return privilege,' on the theory that disclosing information in a tax return will necessarily reveal information that will somehow impede the functioning of a President.

Trump is "telling people he's mad" about how Jared Kushner's push for criminal justice reform has turned out. Sources say Trump is "furious at Jared" because Jared has been telling him that criminal justice reform will result in more felons voting for Trump.