The Precipice

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However, Parliament is not above the law. Tyranny exists when those exercising state power can lawfully decide for themselves what is true and what is false. Now the rule of law is different from being truthful. And this is where things become interesting. Because tyranny exists when those exercising state power can lawfully decide for themselves what is true and what is false, and what is legitimate and what is not.

No one believes this claim. It is patently obvious that the motive was to shut down Parliament while Johnson and Cummings, or perhaps we should say Cummings and Johnson, decide what to do about Brexit.

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As with Iraq, we are in the presence of a big lie that will have immense long-term consequences if the state can get away with it, as Blair did. So we are at an immensely important moment in the development of authoritarian rule. When everyone knows the government is being completely dishonest about the way it is ruling the country the legitimacy of the entire framework falls away.

For while the government was acting in a way everyone agrees is politically disgraceful, it seemed the only remedy was an alternative politics: there was no way its behaviour was subject to judicial review. It is something else for a minister or civil servant to tell a court that the government has indeed done what it claims. Because their statements will have to be made under oath. When this takes place truth is fused with law.

For it is a crime, a serious crime, to perjure yourself.

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Were such evidence to emerge at any time in the future, anyone who had lied to the court under oath would find themselves behind bars. This led Dominic Grieve MP to put a motion to the Commons requiring named government employees, including Cummings, to publish all their communications about prorogation — which they are so far refusing to do. It refused to tell even Cabinet ministers. I was told that I would get it. Everyone expects the Supreme Court to conclude the opposite to the Scottish court and say that the silencing of Parliament can go ahead.

It is suggested that the Scottish judges will in part base their full ruling, which is yet to be published, on the Scottish Claim of Right of , which does not apply to England. Thus their judgement may reinforce the growing separation of the two main nations of the UK. But England has its own Bill of Rights of There is another aspect to the scandal: the Privy Council.

At The Precipice Of Excitation

As its name suggests, this is a private group of advisers to the monarch. Technically the Cabinet is a sub-committee of the Privy Council. But even the Privy Council has rules, or at least one rule. This is set out in the oath which you take when you join. For a long time even this was secret. January 25, Categories : films Mandarin-language films Chinese films Chinese action thriller films s action thriller films Films shot in Shandong Fundamental Films films Chinese film stubs.

At the precipice, we change. ⋆ Butterfly Effects Counseling

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At the top of the Precipice Trail - Picture of Precipice Trail, Acadia National Park

Theatrical poster. I certainly have heard stories of people surviving near death situations who completely change their lives. Their brush with mortality bringing with it a deeper understanding of the things in life that hold value and importance. The recognition that our time on this earth is limited and we will run out of chances to change.

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  • The research done with those at the end of their lives show some universal truths around what matters. Our relationships, how we spend our time, how we show up and be present in our lives and our ability to cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning seem to be where we carry most of our regrets.

    Instead of asking myself if I would change at the precipice, I wish instead my life was lived being informed by this inevitability. The precipice will come.

    The Precipice

    I imagine I would live my life in such a way that I were more ready for this eventuality. Each breath measured not in years, but in moments where I was able to show up more fully to the unfolding of my life. Welcoming what is without judgment and increasing my capacity to hold the paradox of our fragile human condition- that to truly understand the infinite beauty of the light, we must also be willing to embrace the darkness. We live in a world that encourages us to stay on this never-ending quest to maintain near constant states happiness and self-fulfillment. We chase all the outside things we imagine will keep the darkness at bay and far from our consciousness. We seek to create the illusion of the perfect life, post it all to social media as if we believed that if we could attain enough likes we could escape the precipice altogether.

    But it is the very knowledge of the precipice that has the power to save us. I read a recent article on climate change, alarming in its predictions. The author concluding, like so many other scientists have, that it is very possible we are at the precipice of human survival. As we face global catastrophic suffering as a result of climate change due to our tragic inability to make those needed changes, we choose instead to continue to turn a collective blind eye to the impending crisis.

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    Our insatiable desire to fix what is broken in us, the hole inside so vast we are willing to fill it with the very things that will keep us from what matters most. The quest for money and power will never heal what hurts us most. We stay on the desperate path of finding things to mask and cover our deepest wounds. We pollute our bodies and we heap more and more trash onto our aching souls.