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Your mission is to collect at least mushrooms worth of 25 points. Talk to NPC farthest from the warp portal. He will count your mushrooms and if you have enough points, he will promote you to a Thief.

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How to Change Job in Ragnarok M Eternal Love Guide

This page was last modified on 8 June , at It's like these two have a sixth sense. Night after night, they cruise the dark streets until they spot someone suspicious, perhaps standing in a doorway or walking down the block.

They park out of sight and follow the suspect on foot, or use binoculars, to see if a crime develops. A Matter of 'Chemistry'. It's a chemistry between us.

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  5. A robber will usually touch the waistband of his pants a lot because he's got a gun tucked in his pants. The mugger is usually easy to spot because he's following somebody. But the best clue to any suspect, Officer Kraese said, ''is his paranoia - the way he looks over his shoulder and constantly looks up and down the street. When the ''brains'' behind a rash of commercial burglaries finally took part in one of his own jobs, the two officers said, he was so nervous and c autious that he and his three colleagues took five hoursto break into a delicatessen.

    How to Change Job from Novice in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

    Kenna, an officer in the 43d, ''then Gene and Joe will get in the car and bang - they've got something. They have a nose for it.

    They can smell it. The partners say their on-the-job talent is so developed that it is second nature.

    [LIVE FULL] KMST 1.2.087 - MapleStory New Job: Ho Young Lv1-210

    When they are out on the streets, Officer Kraese said, ''it's like a game -they're sneaky, so we have to be sneakier. If you move too soon and cut co rners, you'll wind up perjuring yourself, and we just won't do th at. The majority of their arrests are felonies, many for residential or commercial burglaries and car thefts.

    But while police officials say that the team makes good, solid arrests, the two officers acknowledge that most of their car thieves plead guilty to bargained misdemeanor counts and wind up spending only a few days in jail.