The Healing Powers of Essential Oils: A Reference Guide for Using Oils

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Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Review quote "I firmly believe that environmental toxins contribute to most chronic diseases today. In his brilliant book, Dr. Z delivers a priceless collection of DIY recipes that will help you detoxify your home, make over your medicine cabinet, and transform your body care to help you enjoy optimal health! Z provides a cutting-edge and evidence-based approach to using essential oils. He astutely portrays how to prepare a variety of remedies.

His well-written and detailed information makes this book a must-read for every essential oil user. This book is a must have addition to your family health library. If you want to know how essential oils can help your family with pain, infection, fatigue, digestion, and many other chronic ailments, look no further than this essential oil Bible! Peter Osborne, author of the international bestseller, No Grain No Pain "Our ancestors' earliest medicines were all made from the plants in their immediate environment.

The Healing Power of Essential Oils blends ancient traditions with cutting-edge science to present a powerful new approach that can help you safely reverse the effects of modern scourges including depression, chronic stress and mood disorders. The Healing Power of Essential Oils will become your favorite go-to guide if you're serious about using these health-boosting oils safely, smartly, and effectively.

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Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet "Essential oils are everywhere these days, unfortunately, solid, evidence-based information on how to properly use them isn't as easy to find. No-fluff, cutting-edge, and evidence-based, The Healing Power of Essential Oils systematically debunks common myths and fanciful claims that have taken the internet by storm. The indispensable truths presented in this book makes it a must-read for every essential oil user.

Z has taken this beautifully important yet complex topic and made it accessible for everyone. The essential oils of a plant are the true treasure of nature and Dr Zielinski has brought this wisdom forth in a salient and accessible way.

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This book should be in every house and be used frequently. Essential oils are the aromatic liquids created by plants to help them maintain their own health and vitality. The oils have been used by mankind for thousands of years to help enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Modern science has recently begun to unravel how these precious liquids—and the chemical compounds they contain—affect the whole person. This redesigned edition of the Reference Guide for Essential Oils explains the beauty and power of one of nature's most exquisite gifts. It includes a new opening chapter—"Introduction to Essential Oils"—which explains what essential oils are, what benefits they provide, how to use them, and much more. The book is a perfect tool for new and experienced oil users alike, containing detailed information on over single oils and over blends, supplements, and personal care preparations including all releases.

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