Textbook Folly: Bias and indoctrination in college textbooks

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It is not! Do you understand that?

Full text of "John Taylor Gatto The Underground History Of American Education Book"

You are not doing that. It is an intellectual space! But as time goes on, and protest culture permeates through campus, I think that we will begin to see the shift that Rob Montz points out. If the university system continues down this dangerous path it will, effectively, be giving in to what students want , not what they need. My question from the beginning still remains though. If students are being prepped throughout their secondary educational years to become social justice warriors once they get to college, why do the media and nonprofits put so much emphasis on reform at the collegiate level?

To be clear, I have the utmost respect for organizations and media outlets that seek to spread conservative ideas and call out campus ridiculousness when necessary.

Without these groups, professors, students, and administrators would never be held accountable for their words or actions. My critique is that these organizations can only ever hope to effect change by addressing the indoctrination that occurs at the secondary education level. If we want to make a difference, and curb the tide of snowflakes and SJWs entering college, we have to deal with the issues present in our education system before they manifest.

Dealing with those problems is a far greater task than meets the eye.

It would require a rethinking of our whole public education system. One would have to work within the confines of Supreme Court decisions involving pre-college students. A substitute to statewide testing would have to be considered. Curricula that may not have changed too much from year to year would have to be completely redone. Who really wants to take on that monster of a project? The public school system is too broken, and it would take years, maybe decades, to fix.

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There would have been justice. They would have had to fight on their own, whereas at the collegiate level there are more resources—and more students—to back them up if they go head-to-head with their administration.

Courses devoted to race present a terribly skewed vision of the world, but this sort of teaching is in nearly all courses, regardless of subject. At Columbia Teachers College, students learn that non-Socialist societies are the root cause of all violence. These courses indoctrinate students with leftist ideologies and lower academic standards. Professors believe their political convictions excuse them from rigorous standards of academic inquiry.

The National Association of Scholars NAS spent two years examining graduation requirements, reading lists, and course descriptions, and interviewing students and faculty at the University of California. The conclusion is that radical leftist politics have robbed California students of a good education.

Our Woefully Politicized Education Schools

The quality of teaching has been badly reduced. Then the ratio got much, much worse. Within a few years, UC Berkeley had 17 Democrats to 1 Republican in the humanities departments, and 21 Democrats to 1 Republican in the social sciences. The report said that this ratio cannot be accidental.

It had to be the result of discrimination in the hiring process.

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The NAS concluded that university administrators have failed to ensure that students get a quality education and instead have used the university to promote a left-wing political agenda. The California universities have all sorts of rules that sound good on paper and are supposed to prevent this kind of bias. I hope the students attending the California universities will have the smarts to NOT waste their tuition dollars on such worthless courses.

The intolerant liberals who run most colleges have adopted campus speech codes which are outrageous violations of our free speech rights. These notorious campus speech codes punish students and even professors who say anything that someone might find offensive. Some college speech codes have even banned inappropriate jokes. College is a dangerous place for men. They are not only a minority but they are victimized by discriminatory and unconstitutional anti-male rules. The letter adopts the feminist theory that in all sexual controversies or accusations, the man is guilty unless he proves himself innocent.

This Dear Colleague Letter carries the force of law since it purports to be an additional implementation of Title IX, the federal law that bans sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal assistance. But it was never legislated by Congress, and it was not even launched as a regulation that requires posting for comment in the Federal Register.

Liberal Bias Starts Long Before College

It is just a federal order, issued by a feminist bureaucrat, which colleges and universities must obey under threat of losing their funding. A man convicted under these rules will likely be expelled, barred from graduate or professional school and some government jobs, suffer irreparable damage to his reputation, and possibly be exposed to criminal prosecution.

One college professor who has been outspoken for conservative principles is Mike Adams at the University of North Carolina. His life has had some interesting developments. When Dr. Adams began his University career in , he was an outspoken atheist and liberal. During those years, he was widely praised in the university for his teaching and scholarship, and he achieved tenure in without any controversy. Then Mike Adams had a life-changing experience in He visited a mentally handicapped prisoner on death row in a Texas prison and was struck by the fact that this prisoner had read the entire Bible, which Mike Adams had not read.

Adams decided to read the Bible, and he had a religious conversion. Consider it? Signs at a rally as public school teachers strike for a second day in Denver, Colo.

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