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Does that mean Plachta was some amazing person? That's all the more reason to help her regain her memories! I transferred Plachta's soul into the doll, so more memories should come back now I think! Let's try coming up with new recipes and Synthesizing more stuff! Plachta's memories are returning again, so I need to work even harder now. I'll study lots of alchemy, for Plachta's Sake too! I feel like Plachta's regained a lot of her memories.

But we're still a long ways off from getting all of them. I need to work even harder to help her! I'm going to play hide and seek with Monika and the kids from the church Since I'm playing, I don't want to lose! I need to find everyone before the sun sets! I promised Monika that I'd attend prayer with her It's true that I haven't gone in a long while. They have prayer at the church on weekends I should try not to forget. Monika asked me to make snacks for the concert guests There isn't much time until the concert, so I need to hurry and deliver them!

Monika's Finally having her big debut! I need to go to Mr. Horst's cafe to listen to her sing! Ehehe, I really look forward to this. Oskar asked me to help at the grocery store. Then he just ran off somewhere Well, I accepted it, so I'll do the work properly. I finished the work that Oskar asked me to do. Oskar really is hopeless Anyway, I need to go report to Mrs. Oskar ditched working at the grocery store and disappeared somewhere.

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I need to search for him with Monika. Maybe someone saw him It sounds like the vegetables haven't been doing well lately. The reason is lack of nutrients in the soil, end the crops might die at this rate. I need to do something! Oskar invited me to visit some habitats for rare plants. The book lists 2 places in total. They might make good alchemy materials I should go check it out. I visited all the habitats that Oskar told me about.

It was fun seeing so many rare plants. It's probably a good time to head back to town now. Plachta remembered something about the "Eternal Blossom". She said it could still be in the forest north of town. We should so check it out! Oskar went running off as soon as we reached the "Forest of Fairies" We can 't just leave him alone, so we need to hurry after him!

Oskar hasn't been very happy ever since that plant lied to him. I'm a little worried? I should go with Monika to try and console him. Oskar wants to be friends with plants, even if they lie to him. That's sounds more like him! Let's go and see that plant one more time! The plant was trying to protect the other plants deeper in the forest The "Eternal Blossom" could be there Let's go further in. We finally found the "Eternal Blossom", but there was a huge monster next to it! The "Eternal Blossom" would be crushed if it was stepped on We need to save it!

Sir Julio has been investigating alchemy because there's someone he wants to cure. That person is near the town now, so we should go meet them. Nazarus lost control and turned into a monster. I need to Synthesize the medicine that Plachta told me about, and turn him back to normal! I made the medicine to cure Nazarus! With this, we should be able to Save him But first, I need to tell Sir Julio!

Sir Julio was really sad that Nazarus lost control, but he came back to his senses Okay, now we need to go have Nazarus take the medicine! The hole Nazarus fell down was connected to what seems to be a mine. Nazarus should be somewhere around here. We need to hurry and find him.

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Fritz asked me to Synthesize string for his puppet shows. I really want to see it too, so I should hurry and deliver it to him in Old Town. Plachta has a doll's body, so she needs regular maintenance. I need to learn how to do it, so she would be fine even if Fritz left town.

Fritz said he came up with an amazing idea for a doll! He asked me to prepare some materials for it. An amazing doll I wonder what kind of doll it is Cory received a "Machine Box" that could be a clue to her homeland. We might figure something out if the switch worked Hmm, who would know about these things It sounds like Harol can he the "Machine Box", but he needs to replace the missing parts Looks like it's my turn to work hard, for Cory!

Harol asked me to bring gunpowder for his bullets. This is the perfect chance to show him how much I've improved! The clock Harol received from a customer has a defective part. He asked me to find materials to fix it I'll do my best to find it! Leon wants to open a shop, but she doesn't have enough cloth. I really want to see what she has to sell I should help her out by bringing her some cloth.

I feel like Leon has been talking behind my back lately I don't think she's spreading bad rumors or anything, but I should go ask her! Leon doesn't seem very cheerful lately, so I decided to give her an accessory. I need to get to know her better, to make something that Suits her After talking to Leon, I know what kinds of things she likes. I should go back to the atelier and think about what to give her. I decided to give Leon a brooch as a present.

I know exactly what to make now, so I should get started! I managed to make Leon's present! I hope this helps her cheer up Well, there's no sense worrying about it, so I should just go and give it to her! Leon invited us to go on a vacation. Swimming with Leon? Ehehe, this sounds really fun!

I Should go as soon as I'm ready. Logy's so busy at his shop lately that he doesn't even have time to get materials. He's helping me a lot, so I should find materials for him! Logy asked me to make a device to increase the heat of his furnace. It Sounds like it's necessary to forge new weapons. I should try and deliver it as soon as possible! It sounds like Logy is looking for materials to inspire him, and come up with ideas for his dream weapons. He needs things that aren't seen very much nowadays I'll search around. It sounds like the church roof has been leaking a lot lately, so Pamela asked me to give her materials to fix it.

She just needs wood, so I should deliver it to her. Exactly how old is Pamela? Uu, now that I think about it, I'm really curious and can't stop I should ask all kinds of people about it. Tess asked me to make her a bomb, so she can blow up a rock in her yard I'll make it for her, since she insists, but I wonder if she'll be okay After using the bomb I made for her, Tess managed to blow up the rock, but also destroyed her wall This is kind of my fault, so I should bring her wood to fix the wall Tess asked me to make poison for her! She wants to use it to kill the weeds in her yard I've got a bad feeling about this, but I can't just ignore her request.

After using the poison, not a single plant will grow in Tess's yard Looks like I was right. I can't just leave her like this, so I should bring her some fertilizer. After hearing about how Tess's little brother hates medicine, I thought about making sweet medicine. I should try making it, and take some to Tess. Horst wants to make a new drink. I can't drink alcohol, but I guess it's okay to help make it. Nazarus asked me to make more medicine. He's going to go travel, so he wants it just in case.

I should make lots of it, so he could give it to anyone else in need. Plachta doesn't have the "sense" of taste, so her tastes differ from mine. Uu, that makes me sad. I wonder if there's anything I can do. I'll give Plachta a human body. I gave up on it before, but that's the only way for us to enjoy delicious food together! I need to think of a way! I tried thinking of a recipe to give Plachta a human body, but.. Where could I find materials like this? I might have to travel far from Kirchen Bell. Sir Julio told me about en alchemist license exam held in a city called Reisenberg.

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It's really fer from here. But I want to test my skills. While traveling for the exam, I'll gather materials for Plachta.

It's a good idea, but I'm concerned about the long journey. I should ask various people. I've made my decision. If Grandma went to take the license exam, then I'll go take it too! But I should still talk to Plachta about it first. Plachta supported my decision to go on a journey. In fact, she Said she'd follow along!

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I should think about things we'll need for the trip. I made a list of things I need for the journey. But this is my first time, so I should be extra sure. Fritz is used to travels, so I'll ask him if I'm missing anything! Fritz said that a secure place to sleep is the most important thing when traveling. It's true that not being able to sleep would be bad. I'll think about how to make a tent. I can do Synthesis, and it's really big. I came up with an amazing tent! If I have this, any long journey would be comfortable! I should Synthesize it right away! I wonder what they're up to. I'm curious, so let's go check!

I arrived at the "Sealed Temple". Oskar seemed really confident about it, So those two must be here somewhere! Let's go search the temple's depths! I searched every nook and cranny. Maybe Oskar was mistaken. I can't help it, I'll just go back to the atelier. This time Fritz had an eyewitness report!

He said he saw Meklet and Atomina at the "Fallen Palace". This time, I'll definitely find them! I've come to the "Fallen Palace"! Apparently, Fritz Saw those two a bit further inside. I hope that I at least find some clues. Uu, I found them, but they ran away! As Plachta Said, there must be a reason why they ran. I'll go back to the atelier and think about it.

Meklet and Atomina might be searching for something ancient. If I go visit the old buildings around here, I might bump into them! I found Meklet and Atomina! I wonder what business they have at the "Library of All Creation". You MADE my day! I love the Whispers series. After that book I had to read the all of them, and purchased the remainder of the series.

Thanks so much. Not had a chance to read the others yet but read book one like times! Hi, Kirsty.

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Thanks so much! My goal is to have at least ten books out within the next two years. Thanks for asking. This one is free right now. Too many books to write right now. Nicole, you tested on my books? Thanks for sharing. Absolutely loved the whispers series!!!!

The Whispers books are about 15 points each, and at the end of the year I earned about points! We really enjoyed the book but we found a really strange thing. It is really strange the only thing is that is REALLY different is were the characters in the book are extreme personalities Jock, Princess and whatever Sophie is we are a lot more mild versions. Hope this is as interesting to you as it is to us.

They were actually based on me and my two best friends growing up. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Stonewall Uprising had begun. When Aidan Became a Brother. Kyle Lukoff. Kaylani Juanita.

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When Aidan was born, everyone thought he was a girl. As he got bigger, Aidan disliked his birth name and felt like his room belonged to someone else. When his mother tells him she is having a baby, Aidan wants to make sure that this baby will feel understood right away. Like you. Ray Terciero. Bre Indigo.

Little, Brown. The four March girls have distinct personalities and interests. The eldest, Meg, works as a nanny, loves fashion, and dreams of marrying a rich man; Jo, who is gay, wants to be a writer and works as a personal assistant for Aunt Cath; Beth is shy, loves singing and playing the guitar, and has leukemia; and the youngest, Amy, who is bullied at school, is feisty and artistic. How the sisters support each other while dealing with personal and family problems is revealed through full-color digital graphic panels with realistic dialogue, journal entries, and emails to their father, who is serving in the military in the Middle East.

To Night Owl From Dogfish. In this novel told entirely in emails and letters, California surfer girl Bett and New York bookworm Avery discover that their dads have fallen in love. Greg Howard. As Riley explores his identity as a gay preteen, readers discover what happened to his mother. Childhood traumatic grief is portrayed along with themes of sexual identity, family, friendship, and loss.

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  • Gayle E. Pitman presents the history of the gay movement in the United States from the late s to the Stonewall Riots in and their aftermath. Organized into five sections Before the Riots, the Riots, Aftermath, Liberation, and Epilogue , brief chapter feature objects of historical importance in telling the story.

    Object 1 is the Jefferson Livery Stables, adjacent buildings constructed in and , which eventually became the Stonewall Inn located at 52 and 53 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village. I Wish You All the Best. Mason Deaver. When year-old nonbinary Ben De Backer comes out to their parents, they are promptly kicked out of the house. Ben navigates their way through anxiety, loneliness, and rejection as they finish their senior year in a new school with new friends, a supportive art teacher, and a special friend named Nathan. As their friendship with Nathan turnsinto something more serious, Ben begins to realize a happier life is in their future and they have the opportunity to help other teenagers understand their own sexuality and find happiness.

    Shaun David Hutchinson. Dino makes his way to the funeral home that his parents own and finds July there, but not as he is used to seeing the dead. She is partly alive and partly dead, like a zombie. Dino and July try to understand what is happening with her while also figuring out how their friendship ended. The Weight of the Stars.

    Ryann Bird, who has been living in a trailer park with her brother and nephew since her parents were killed in an accident, attends an affluent high school. Ryann and Alexandria become close and discover that their feelings for each other run deeper than just friendship. Susan Knell is a professor in the department of Teaching and Leadership at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, where she teaches literacy and literature courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.

    Hello Summer! Hello Seasons! Shelley Rotner. Holiday House. What do children do in the summer? They go barefoot, drink lemonade, play in the park, go swsimming, and more! Jennifer Hamburg. Jenn Harney. The Nature Girls. We must explore. Sea Glass Summer. Michelle Houts. Bagram Ibatoulline. When Thomas finds a new piece, he has a dream that night about how the glass wound up in the sea long ago. Returning home at the end of the summer, Thomas drops the magnifying glass on the deck of the ferry and throws the broken pieces overboard.

    Years later, another child finds a piece of sea glass and dreams about a boy named Thomas. Sandy Feet! Whose Feet? Footprints at the Shore. Susan Wood. Steliyana Doneva. Sleeping Bear. Told in brief rhyming text, this is a delightful summer story about their joy in exploring footprints at the shore.

    Whimsical illustrations in beachy colors add to the warm tone of this story about a fun summer activity. Waiting for Chicken Smith. David Mackintosh. When their summer plans take an unexpected turn, Cat and Chicken find themselves spending three weeks on Gingerbread Island with their maternal grandparents, whom they meet for the first time. Cat and Chicken find island life fun, and they enjoy getting to know their grandparents in this story of family secrets, growing up, and getting along, which ends with Cat and Chicken looking forward to spending the next summer on Gingerbread Island.

    Maybe a Mermaid. Josephine Cameron. Anthoni learns that having mantras to live by is not quite the same as living in the real world in this novel about finding new friends in unexpected places—and maybe a mermaid. The Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten. Krista Van Dolzer. Taking refuge at Camp Archimedes, Esther is disheartened to find herself stuck at this remote camp for math geeks until the storm abates and the truck is repaired. She surprises everyone, including herself, when she solves the First Problem challenge set by Director Verity. National Geographic. From Artificial Intelligence to Zombies, this information-packed photo-illustrated book could keep readers busy for the whole summer!

    This seems like a good plan until she finds herself falling for Seeley and vice versa. Alexa Ward. Mike Lowery. Lonely Planet Kids. Back matter includes a glossary and an index. The Dictionary of Difficult Words. Jane Solomon. Louise Lockhart. Frances Lincoln. In an introduction to this illustrated collection of more than words that are difficult to pronounce, hard to spell, and have obscure meanings, lexicographer Jane Solomon suggests 10 different ways to use the book such as reading it straight through from A to Z or reading a word aloud and having someone guess the meaning.

    Each entry includes a pronunciation of the word, its parts of speech classification, and an easy-to-understand definition. Jennifer W. Prior to joining the faculty at Millersville, she spent 16 years as an elementary classroom teacher and reading specialist in the public schools. Readers of all ages who enjoy a well-crafted mystery or detective story will be interested in listening to or reading these recently published books that will draw them into the activities of amateur sleuths, detectives, and spies as they search for clues, break codes, solve crimes, and commit espionage.