Profiles in Power: Twentieth-Century Texans in Washington, New Edition (Focus on American History)

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And a major effort to narrow the path to bankruptcy may have an unintended effect, according to a working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, by making it harder for the country to recover from a financial crisis. Students saw Warren as an example of female achievement but not as a professional feminist. But Warren wanted to contribute. Can I do that? In it, she criticized the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund for singling out Biden for praise in its annual report because he championed the Violence Against Women Act, which made it easier to prosecute domestic abusers.

Warren thought his support for that law did not compensate for his role in pushing through the bankruptcy legislation, which she believed hurt women far more. Warren wanted feminism to be wider in scope and centered on economic injustice. She urged students to take business-law classes. Conservatives embraced her critique more enthusiastically than liberals. She has shifted on that point.

More and more families are squeezed by the cost of child care; not enough of it is high quality; the pay for providers is too low. Warren is framing child care as a collective good, like public schools or roads and bridges. Through a spokeswoman, Geithner declined to comment for this article. But Warren could see the value of the viral video clip.

She felt as though she blew her opportunity to speak to millions of viewers. Stewart brought her back after the break for five more minutes, and she performed well , clearly explaining how the country forgot the lessons of the Great Depression and the dangers of deregulation. She listed the upheavals that followed — the savings and loan crisis of the s and s, the collapse of the giant hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management in and the Enron scandal a few years later. Stewart leaned forward and told Warren she had made him feel better than he had in months. Stewart kept inviting her back.

In , Congress overhauled and tightened financial regulation with the Dodd-Frank Act. In the push for its passage, Warren found that she had the leverage to persuade Democratic leaders to create a new agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren spent a year setting up the C. When Obama chose Richard Cordray over her as the first director because he had an easier path to Senate confirmation, progressives were furious.

Warren was an unusual political phenomenon by then: a policy wonk who was also a force and a symbol. Warren had another viral moment when a supporter released a homemade video of her speaking to a group in Andover. But I want to be clear: You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for.

1790: Copyright Act of 1790

She came from behind in the race against Brown and won with nearly 54 percent of the vote. Voters of color could determine the results of the presidential election.

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In the primaries, African-Americans constitute a large share of Democrats in the early-voting state of South Carolina and on Super Tuesday, when many other states vote. Warren has work to do to persuade people of color to support her. In the last couple of Democratic primaries, these voters started out favoring candidates who they thought would be most likely to win, not those who were the most liberal. Black voters backed Hillary Clinton in until they were sure Barack Obama had enough support to beat her, and in they stuck with her over Bernie Sanders.

A study published last year found that among white voters, perceived racial or global threats explained their shift toward Trump better than financial concerns did. What does that say about the chances of winning as a liberal who tries to take the racism out of populism? Warren spoke about this problem years before she went into politics. Redlining contributed to the racial wealth gap, and that had consequences Warren saw in her bankruptcy studies — black families were more vulnerable to financial collapse.

Their vulnerability was further heightened by subprime and predatory lending. In March, Warren took a three-day trip to the South.

Profiles in Power

She started on a Sunday afternoon, with a town hall — one of she has done across the country — at a high school in a mostly black neighborhood in Memphis. The local politicians who showed up that day were African-American, but most of the crowd was white. The next morning, Warren drove to the Mississippi Delta. Her husband, Mann, was on spring break from teaching and along for the trip. In the small town of Cleveland, Miss.

They were meeting for the first time: He had agreed to take her on a walking tour after her campaign got in touch and said she wanted to learn about housing in the Delta. Simmons and Warren set off down a block of modest ranch houses, some freshly painted, others peeling, preceded by TV crews and trailed by the rest of the press as her aides darted in to keep us out of the shot. He pointed out cracks in the foundations of some houses; the lack of money to repair old buildings was a problem in the Delta.

They stopped at a vacant lot. The neighbors wanted to turn it into a playground, but there was no money for that either. Warren nodded and then took a stab at communicating her ideas to the local viewers who might catch a few of her words that night. She hit the highlights of the affordable housing bill she released in the Senate months earlier — 3. Warren moved toward the audience at the first opportunity, walking past the chair placed for her onstage. She laid out the basics of her housing bill, stressing that it addressed the effects of discrimination.

The audience applauded. She saw this as a necessary response to the stark wealth gap between black and white families. She talked about women expressing to her their distress about sexual harassment and assault. Women have a right to be angry about being treated badly. Trump gets angry all the time; whether a woman can do the same and win remains a question. If Trump had championed labor over corporations, he could have scrambled American politics by creating new alliances.

Instead, by waging trade wars that hurt farm states and manufacturing regions more than the rest of the country, Trump has punished his base economically even if they take satisfaction in his irreverence and his judicial appointments. Warren has been speaking to those voters. Usually a Trump loyalist, he has recently styled himself a voice for the white working class.

A month earlier in Mingo County, W. Many hands went up when she asked who knew someone struggling with opioids. If Warren competes for rural voters in the general election if not to win a red state then to peel off enough of them to make a difference in a purple one , her strong support for abortion rights and gun control will stand in her way. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description University of Texas Press. Any soft cover book may show light shelf wear from warehouse storage and handling.

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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Profiles in Power offers concise biographies of fourteen twentieth-century Texans who wielded significant political power and influence in Washington, D. Demonstrating the validity of a biographical approach to history, the book as a whole covers all the major political issues of the twentieth century, as well as the pivotal role of Texans in defining the national agenda.

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