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A grand jury indicted Billy for murder. Three months later, the Lincoln County War ended in a showdown. McSween was shot fleeing the burning building; Billy and the others managed to escape. A decade before, General Wallace had won the crucial battle of the Monocacy during during the Civil War, and later wrote the bestselling novel Ben Hur. Billy was momentarily free, but with a murder indictment hanging over his head, he had few options.

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The territorial governor, Lew Wallace, appointed to put an end to the violence in Lincoln County, seemed to offer him an out. Wallace desperately wanted to convict the murderers of a Lincoln attorney, and Billy had witnessed the killing. In a secret meeting, Wallace promised Billy a pardon for his testimony.

At great personal risk, Billy testified before the grand jury. Weeks later, with no indication the governor planned to make good on their deal anytime soon, Billy slipped out of town.

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He made his headquarters in Fort Sumner, a small settlement on the Pecos River miles from Lincoln. His days and nights were filled with gambling, women, and thieving. Billy was imprisoned in the Lincoln County Courthouse but escaped. Photo by Kent Kanouse. There were many at Fort Sumner, especially among the Hispanic population, who liked him. They called him Billito or el cs. He spoke fluent New Mexican Spanish and could dance the fandango as well as any vaquero.


Although he did not have an imposing figure—standing 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing about pounds—he was good looking. A recently discovered carte-de-viste produced shortly after Billy's death in has been authenticated as showing the Kid holding his Model Winchester rifle. On April 9 a jury pronounced Billy guilty of the murder of William Brady. Before calmly riding out of town—unmolested by the locals—the Kid threatened the lives of Wallace and Garrett.

He then disappeared into the foothills of the Capitan Mountains. Garrett figured the Kid would cross the border into Mexico. But soon there were rumors that Billy had returned to Fort Sumner. On the moonlit evening of July 14, the sheriff slipped into Fort Sumner with two deputies and went to see Maxwell, who he knew well.

Garrett left the deputies outside with the horses and entered the big ranch house.

At the same moment, the Kid saw the shadowy figure sitting on the bed and pointed his revolver at Garrett. Only the first shot hit Billy, but that was all it took.

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There was a groan and some gurgling sounds and then silence. Billy the Kid was dead. An engraving in Pat Garrett's book about Billy the Kid show the sheriff shooting the outlaw. Marshal in at the age of 38, after 'Hanging Judge' Isaac C. Parker was made the federal judge of Indian Territory. During his time with them, he learned their customs and languages and became an adept territorial scout. Reeves later procured his own land in Van Buren, Arkansas, where he married his wife, Nellie Jennie, built an eight-room house with his bare hands, and raised ten children as the first black settler in the region.

He became a Deputy U. Under President Ulysses S. Marshal and ordered him to hire deputies. Among them was Reeves. Fagan knew of the former slave, his ability to negotiate Indian Territory and his ability to speak their languages, and so Reeves was named the first black Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi. In that role he was authorized to arrest both black and white outlaws. Legendary soldier: Reeves was authorized to arrest both black and white outlaws. Over the years Reeves gained a reputation for persistence, fearlessness.

In , Reeves arrested outlaw Belle Starr for horse theft.


Outlaw (Mike Black Saga, book 6) by Roy Glenn

According to some accounts, Starr turned herself in when she heard that the legendary Reeves was looking for her. In , after Reeves was assigned to Paris, Texas, he went after the Tom Story gang for their infamous horse theft operation. Reeves reportedly waited along the route that Tom Story used, and surprised the gang leader with an arrest warrant.

Story panicked and drew his gun, but Reeves shot him dead before Story could fire.

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The rest of the Tom Story gang disbanded and were never heard from again. Fictional Reeves? Reeves later killed two of the murderous Brunter brothers and arrested the third.

In , the black Deputy Marshall was arrested himself and charged with murdering his posse cook, William Leach. Brought to trial before Judge Parker, Reeves testified that he shot Leach by accident while cleaning his gun, and was acquitted. Reeves later became became an officer of the Muskogee, Oklahoma, police department at the age of He died of Bright's disease on January 12, , at the age of Actor Morgan Freeman has spent more than five years attempting to get the story of Reeves to the big screen, according to the film news site IndieWire.

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Their lives all center around the mega-church activities and people affiliated with the church in one aspect or another. For being such a larger than life figure, Oprah Winfrey has gravitated as an actress toward playing more modest women of an ordinary stature. Winfrey is so celebrated as a media personality, she doesn't often get the credit for her versatility, strength and naturalism on screen. That might be in part because, outside of some TV movies for Oxygen and animated voice work, she's limited her projects and only acted in a handful of notable films.

Here's how they stack up from worst to best. In this forgettable adaptation of an otherwise powerful novel by Richard Wright, Winfrey plays the mother to Bigger Thomas. She goes from stern and strong-willed as she urges her son to find work to warm and desperate once she's pleading for her son's life. This is an early performance for Winfrey, and she'd find more presence in better projects later.

Winfrey never plays herself in the movies. And yet in Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time," she's literally larger than life, appearing as a giant in the sky dressed in chain mail and a massive blonde pillow of hair spewing Oprah-isms. But Ava DuVernay doesn't cast her to play a charismatic goddess. Instead, she's there to do what Oprah does best. She brings hope, spirit and positivity to the film, and when she's talking to the film's main character, she has a gift of sounding as though she's talking directly to you.