Marley: Marley Learns a Lesson (I Can Read Level 2)

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Has he been good enough to get a present on Christmas day? Find out in this fun pet-and-play adventure. Marley's family wants their giant pumpkin to win a prize at the fair. But on the big day, Marley sends the pumpkin on a wild ride instead! It's Marley's first day of obedience school, and boy is he excited! With his naughty ways, Marley is definitely not a model student. Before long, even the teacher realizes it might take more than the usual lessons to get Marley to behave.

Welcome to Marley's World! From the kitchen to the backyard, Marley's mischief knows no bounds. Decorate Marley's favorite places and activities with this fun, interactive sticker book. When a pair of adorable kittens joins the family, Marley is so excited to have two new friends to play with that he follows the felines everywhere.

But Marley is no graceful kitten. By imitating their gentle behavior, he unintentionally makes a mess Meet Marley, a dog like no other! Marley's family has big hopes when they enter him in the local pet show, but things don't go as planned. From grooming disasters to chaos backstage, this is one event the town will never forget. Will Marley's Marley can't wait for his first trip to the ballpark. He is ready to cheer for the home team. But is the home team ready for Marley? It's the first day of school, and Cassie is all set to go.

So is her dog, Marley! Although he's told to stay, Marley digs a tunnel out of the backyard and sniffs his way to school.

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As he roams the halls looking for Cassie, he finds trouble instead. Bad Dogs Have More Fun" is an unforgettable collection of more than seventy-five newspaper articles from "The Philadelphia Inquirer" written by former columnist John Grogan. Combining humor, wit, poignancy, and affection, these columns provide insigh With all the excitement of Christmas approaching, it's no surprise that Marley, the lovable pup with a nose for trouble, wants to get in on the action. Anticipating his very first snowfall and Santa's arrival, Marley jumps in to help his family every But Marley doesn't stay a tiny puppy for long.

He grows and grows, and the bigger Marley gets, the bigger trouble he gets into. Big, bad-boy trouble. Initially a two-color picture book, a newly illustrated edition in full color is published into the I Can Read format. All children love animals. Bears are fine. Harper announces that I Can Read title, will be available in paperback for the first time.

Historical I Can Read titles are popular during the mideighties. My First I Can Read titles premiere with Biscuit in answer to intense demand for developmentally appropriate materials to prepare preschoolers for learning to read. That was the inspiration for the little yellow puppy and his sweet companion. In an effort to brand the I Can Read series with a more cohesive look, each jacket is given a border. An original Little Critter character sketch. Popular picture book characters start appearing more frequently in the I Can Read format, providing children with a sense of continuity as they graduate to reading by themselves.

In , I Can Read titles began being released digitally. Today the list of I Can Read ebooks is over titles long. I Can Read introduces biographies into the program, complete with a timeline and historical photos.

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When James Dean first saw Pete, he was a tiny black kitten in a shelter. Pete looked like he had been starved and his black fur was a mess. At first, James had no interest in Pete—black cats were bad luck, after all! But the scrawny little fellow stuck his paw out of the cage, wanting to play! James took Pete home. And even though James chose to paint Pete the Cat blue his favorite color , James realizes now that black cats are actually very good luck. Learn to read with phonics fun!

Each phonics box features twelve storybooks developed by a phonics expert. The books are intended for children to read at home with a parent or caregiver and, eventually, by themselves.

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  • As children master the sounds and words, they will gain experience and confidence in their ability to understand sounds, sound out words, and READ! Introduction to Reading Includes basic features of print and reading, short and simple sentences, and full-color stories for children at the very first stages of learning to read. Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends! Julie M. Little Critter: Exploring the Great Outdoors Amelia Bedelia Under the Weather Level 2 Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter Flat Stanley and the Bees He decides he will never eat bananas again.

    His mother tries to help him by making different dishes that have bananas in them.

    Marley: Marley Learns a Lesson (I Can Read Level 2)

    Pete wins the race, and he loves bananas again. What are three things Pete loves about bananas? Common Core State. Bananas Recipe: What kind of food makes you go bananas? Is it pizza? French toast? Draw a picture of your favorite food, and then write the instructions for how to cook it. Common Core State Standards. How does Pete try to help himself? How does your appearance change to show your feelings?

    What does it mean to be bananas about something?

    What are some other words the author could have used to tell readers that Pete really liked bananas again? A Helping Poster: Pete gets help from his mom and from his friend Greg. Who helps you when you have a problem? Make a poster using words and pictures showing who helps you and how they help. Pete the Cat Story: In this story, Pete eats a bad banana, and then he has a problem.

    Think of another problem Pete the Cat might have. What could happen to fix the problem? What might Pete learn from having that problem and fixing it? Write or dictate your Pete the Cat story, and draw a picture to go with it. Write a note to Pete to encourage him to keep trying different kinds of foods.

    Include that advice in the note too. When Penny takes her doll Rose out for an exciting walk, she finds a big, shiny blue marble on Mrs. So Penny puts it in her pocket. At first playing with it is fun, but then Penny realizes it might not really belong to her. What can she do to fix her mistake?

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    How do they show her worries? Use evidence from the story to explain your answer.

    By John Grogan, Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey

    Did your feelings about this change over the course of the story? How can you tell from the details of the story? What is the overall message or lesson of the entire story? What do they do that makes them important to the story? Who knew one little dog could get into such big trouble? Will Marley's family find him? Marley barks at tricycles. Marley barks at trucks. Marley barks at mailmen. His job is to let his family know when important things happen. Jeepers peepers! The chicks are very cute, but will need a lot of attention.

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    Marley: Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin

    While Cassie is out of the house on a playdate, leaving Marley to babysit, the chicks get loose from their cage and begin to run around the house! Can Marley round up the chicks before Cassie gets back, or will the temptation to have a playdate of his own be too great for him to resist? Find out in this lively Marley I Can Read! When Mommy decides to surprise Cassie with a newly painted bedroom, she is careful to put Marley in the garage before she gets started.

    But as soon as her back is turned, Marley ventures into the house to "help. In this easy-to-follow story with beautiful full-color illustrations, Marley's good intentions lead to a series of mishaps that will entertain and delight young readers. Walking corpses, dancing bones, knife-wielding madmen, and narrow escapes from death—they're all here in this chilling collection of ghost stories, collected and retold by folklorist Alvin Schwartz.

    Brought to spine-tingling, flesh-crawling life by acclaimed Broadway actor and master ghoul George S. Irving, these horrific tales are guaranteed to raise goosebumps. Let the faint of heart beware.

    When Daddy and Cassie go to a baseball game with their dog in tow, Marley not only roots for the home team—he howls!