From the Farm to the Cockpit, The Log of a B-24 Co-pilot

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Five months later he was one of the first hundred pilots to complete advanced training. Fitzhenry was promoted to first lieutenant deservedly but also on a technicality. By regulation at the time no four-engine aircraft commander could be less than a first lieutenant. A few of the previous upperclassmen who ended up taking orders from him weren't so happy.

During a period of inactivity, prior to flying into harms way, Fitzhenry and the usual suspects of the Scootin Thunder particularly Bob Houser; co-pilot, and Bill Harris; bombardier were no strangers in getting themselves into mischief. He recollected times when they would take their plane and fly it to places they shouldn't be and doing things they shouldn't be doing. The old saying 'boys will be boys' applies here.

I ended up wearing both boots and that's how I got the nickname 'boots,'" Fitzhenry chuckled. The fun and games were over. There was no more advanced flight training or simulations. It was time to get serious - this next flight would mean life or death.


The bloody campaign in the Battle of Guadalcanal was nearing a resolution prior to Fitzhenry and company swooping down to engage from a bird's eye view. Fitzhenry was notorious for toting along his 16mm camera everywhere he went, even in the heat of battle, he still managed to to snap pictures of the enemy up close. Fitzhenry's squadron of Bs, along with allied planes from Australia and New Zealand, flew in close formation to allow maximum coverage while firing their.

We'd see these Roman Candle-like tracers come out from a dark spot in the night like a string of beads coming toward us, but we were never hit," Fitzhenry recalled in his first trip to Kahili. Traveling toward a target we would all sing a hymn called "Whispering Hope" and then returning back we would sing "Amazing Grace," Fitzhenry remembered. That's the type of crew that works close together," he said. Fitzhenry recollected witnessing several occasions where friends who were flying beside him were not as fortunate to come out alive and unharmed.

I still visualize and reminisce on the aircrafts that went down," Fitzhenry said. To this day if he drives past a crash site that's burning it automatically triggers a pile of B parts scattered on a runway. But those of us who have survived have died and re-died in the recall of the comrades that didn't make it," Fitzhenry said softly. When asked why he thinks he and his crew were the lucky ones he simply said, "We have no idea except it had to be a miracle. For some reason the lord had something else for us to do.

Fitzhenry was awarded 10 Air Medals and two Distinguished Flying Crosses on behalf of his extraordinary achievement displayed in the combat missions of the South Western Pacific Theater during Edit Article Add New Article. Toggle navigation Menu. Don't have an account? Sign Up Today. Facebook Twitter.

Home e-Edition. Close 1 of Fitzhenry poses with the Scootin Thunder B Liberator. Fitzhenry in the comfort of his home in Wild Dunes, Isle of Palms. Oscar and Ruth Fitzhenry in after nearly 63 years of marriage. Fitzhenry and grandson Jim Campbell. Fitzhenry as a Flying Cadet. Fitzhenry poses with his 16mm movie-maker camera. Buy Now. Cessna NEJ down in Birmingham. So Many Vehicles on the Taxiways. Need my wallet back! F's dogfighting over the Atlantic, E-3B calling the shots.

You get better service here! Twin Commander Crash near Nashville. Military getting ready for Super Bowl. Go Hawks! Bad Vibrations? Bonanza lands at KADS with towbar attached. EGF Engine Failure. Question on what happens if a domestic flight within Canada diverts to the US. Testy Moment at JFK. Hudson landing anniversary. Sparks observed on Porter during takeoff Ottawa. Re: Air New Zealand emergency landing in Melbourne. Air New Zealand emergency landing in Melbourne.

A Very Slow RJ. JFK Tower Chatter. Question regarding Montreal Centre frequencies Re: United B near Omaha on Dec 30th , captain incapacitated. A Spanking Off Disneyland in Dublin. ATC asks Porter pilot why they are stopping in Ottawa for refuelling. Lindbergh Gear Problem. Pilot Invites Controller to Go Along. Re: B vs. Delta slides off runway at KMSN. Re: LAX south tower. Proper Class "D" coms. Loss of Glideslope at JFK. Watch the waistline.

Airplane Smells. KPWM Cessna engine failure.

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Re: Dreamlifter lands at wrong airport. Re: Delta go around. Dreamlifter lands at wrong airport. VP Biden clogs up Panama City. Allegiant Air Engine Failure. Delta Airbus A diverted to Ottawa on October 7, MCO runway hopping. The Odyssey of Flight EagleFlight bad stuck mic conversation. Re: KBWI lightning strike audio. KBWI lightning strike audio. What's that tower? Pilto forgot what center he was talking to :.

Re: poor spoken english between crew and ATC.

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Re: "you've gotta hold it all together speedbird ". Point the Nose of Your Airplane at the Field. Rare cause for a go-around. Ugly Jets. Re: Crash SFO. This is scary - crew cannot understand plain instructions from Shanwick. Cutting it too close. Re: Help Finding Audio Clip. Air Force One - Shanwick Oceanic. Jet Blue Bird Strike on Takeoff. Animal on Dulles runway 1R JFK "Whale" A KBOS twr vs.

Man drives onto Love Field runway, starts yelling "Jihad". Bad Luck for Delta Flt US Airways , smoke event in aft lavatory. What's your call sign? A real Channel Master. A tax break for you Loose dog at KBOS. American med emergency at sea, expedited JFK arrival.

KEWR near miss? Cranky Air Canada Captain. Sudden windshift at KBOS causes landing aborts. RKSO - Declared emergency for gear malfunction. Confused helicopter. HF recording - translation needed. PHL go around. Cloud Runner 76 Flaps stuck in takeoff. Air Canada Ignores Go-Around. Sequestration Vacation. Re: Drone sighting at JFK. Drone sighting at JFK. I need some subtitles. ZBW My Bad. Forced go-around at KORD. Patience or patients. EGF Bleed Issues.

JFK twr a bit irked. Cactus air conditioning problem. KBOS tower, Automatic response AA pilot passes out. Odd signal at JFK. FedEx - tailstrike at DEN. Hungry Passengers, Thirsty Plane. AAL Emergency. Heavy traffic at KBOS. Gone Fishing. Moe go-arounds at JFK. The Pessimist. Birds disrupt operations at KBOS. ATC departue info. Overwhelmed ATC in Barcelona.

Pilot Technique ZBW Stuck Mic. When you gotta go, you go. Spirit Wings vs. Laser pointed at aircraft - "genitally challenged". KBOS Xmas Captain forgot to bring the duct tape. Who's right or who's left? Audio of EK Snowstorm frustrations at JFK. Election day at KBOS.

Re: Fedex B near Cincinnati on Oct 18th , engine shut down in flight. AF1 dropping in for a nice friendly debate Peter never calls mark. What did he say? Jazz Dash-8 wake turbulence encounter. U-2 Over SoCal. Audio choppy. Scanner issue, antenna, or software issue?

Re: Comair Last Flight. Comair Last Flight. Coast Guard Helo shuts down engine. BOS twr misc comms. Question - Etihad go-around? LAX tower explains to American pilot new rules. JFK go aound time. Hospital helicopter breaks skid, lands on mattresses at KSAT. AFR Emergency at Moscow. JFK Tower Delter. Re: kdca tuesday. UA bird strike at DEN. Olympic traffic on opening night. I ought'a get paid extra for this Re: Delta bomb threat at JFK? Delta bomb threat at JFK? Re: Sikorsky pilot can't take "no" for an answer during EWR shutdown.

California Pacific Airlines. Re: "Hey don't bother me no more Re: LAX Flight check go-around. If you're unfamiliar with an airport, it's not a good idea to fly there. KBFL: Comanche makes an emergency landing in onion field. Pilatus PC crash. Eagle blown nose wheel tire ORD audio. Go and Touch at FRG. Unusual call by BOS twr. Re: Near miss with unidentifed South of Denver. Air Berlin, "Good night, Lady! Bird strike while landing at ORD. Space shuttle "looky-looky". Time for a question? Triple diversion, single pilot IFR. Delta bird strike - loss of one engine - return to JFK.

Re: KFMY poor student in cross country! KFMY poor student in cross country! KSFO question. Re: Anyone got audio of DFW when they were hit by the tornado? Re: Jet Blue Radio Traffic. KTUL Wants to fly skydivers. Fake "best of ATC" commercial. Jet Blue diverted to Buffalo NY for bomb scare. Re: unknown vehicle on runway at PHL. Re: Audio quality and antenna suggestions. Re: KPHL-baggage cart blown near the runway.

KPHL-baggage cart blown near the runway. Me-NCT In position, clears wrong aircraft for takeoff, then another to land. FDX does not want to go swimming. Not on TCAS. CRJ has two flapless landings hours apart. AAL engine fire indication. Re: We're not the cops Tower not helping guy outside aircraft threatening pilot. Snow time at KBOS. MAH refused approach at Sofia,diverted to Budapest. Windy day at KROC. Re: hand held scanner I need to subtitle for this ATC help Christmas with Boston John.

Words you don't want to hear: "You are inside Boston class Bravo airspace. Re: JFK humor as usual. JFK humor as usual. Cirrus goes down at KSDL. JFK Tower gives free wind checks. Morristown tower can't see you behind the hill to the west? Re: ATC lingo question from neophyte. ATC GS determination question. BWI bird strike with an oops. Cirrus SR down in Everglades. KLAX Jet Blue stranded on tarmac for over 7 hours. Re: Qantas grounds all flights. YPAD - Approach assisting pilot in restricted airspace. Re: Interesting DEN approach last night. BE35 icing emergency with SoCal.

Tight traffic at KBOS. Controller asking pilot for low pass - people watching first time A landing. This is JFK, right? Delta 31 medical emergancy. Minor miscues at KBOS today. Re: "Isn't looking good for us" go around for a PIREP for birthday calls? Alaska Oakland to Kahului - Struck flock of geese on takeoff. JFK count your blessings. Square Dancing Champion on board. Any Audio? This guy's not too happy Red Arrows Transit to Leuchars.

KJFK partial comm issues??? Re: HAL Declaring an emergency. Continental emergency. HAL Declaring an emergency. Re: East Coast Quake. BOS tower runway incursion. Re: JFK controller's daughter and granddaughter onboard. American emergancy landing. Burgas Approach speaks very interesting. JFK controller's daughter and granddaughter onboard. Coyote Traffic MYF. Taxiway Excursion YYZ. JFK Joker retiring? F Runway Overrun at Oshkosh.

Re: KJFK birds on runway??? KJFK birds on runway??? Re: AA Engine Fire. Re: Boston Airliner Collision. Boston Airliner Collision. EGPD recording "aberdeen offshore". A question on Ozone? Re: Signature Phrases? Re: Southwest jet lands safely after engine failure. Southwest jet lands safely after engine failure. Turtles take over JFK Airport.

Molester at ORD. Engine out and fire at KEMT. Tower fire KDAL. Possible Nosewheel Problem. Re: Drew Laughing. Beaver Tower. Re: The Cup Comes Home! The Cup Comes Home! Re: Vintage B crashes west of Chicago. B Forced Landing, Aurora Tower. Drew Laughing. Re: AWE vs.

DCA tower. Vancouver Canucks San Jose Ground. Mooney, minimum fuel into Teterboro. Cathay Pacific emergency landing at Singapore's Changi Airport. EVAS Air Going to Iqaluit? Re: Tapescripts. Helicopter photoshoot ticks off LAX Tower controller. Thunderstorm tango at KROC. Nature call at JFK. AA Too much gas. Re: RNO tower sleeping on the job? RNO tower sleeping on the job? Re: Hello Albuquerque Hello Albuquerque AFR 7 Super vs.

Comair at KJFK. Emergency landing at KMSY, smoke in cockpit. Dodger Stadium B-2 Flyover. Jet Logistics crash at Greensboro, NC. Sun n Fun airshow wx damage report. Re: SFO Tower vs.

Phillies arrive at KPHL. DCA Unmanned tower. SFO Tower vs. De-icing and "You forgot your people?!? John's Because of a Medical Emergency. Jfk humour as usual. Laughing with KBDR tower. KSAT turns into an ice rink. No rest in San Luis Obispo. American Stuck In Chicago Re: BA and BA KBOS water tornados? CYYT -- St. Re: "they give boners not bonuses" KBOS. Re: Lufthansa at JFK, not happy! How long is too long? Lufthansa at JFK, not happy! Re: TWA , per request. United 15 birds and snow. Southwest Emergency divert to Oakland.

Jet Blue Audio. Re: Heathrow Approach - Handling the snow closure. Heathrow Approach - Handling the snow closure. Good Evening from the Flightdeck. My first tower comms. Incapacitated Co Pilot. Cracked windshield event at KPIT. Windscreen shatters. Kite traffic at JFK. KSEA Overrun. Soloed today. Re: Cessna A N crash. Emirates KJFK suspicious packages.

Lincolnshire aviation Incident Logs. (World War 2) -

Twice times twice at KSLC. Cessna A N crash. Runway incursion causes collision at KCLT. Fatal crash at KFRG. Old Habbits Die Hard. Another 2-gear landing. Re: MSP near miss. Unknown vehicle on runway in Winnipeg. No delays are allowed in Kennedy. Area 51 ATC from October Re: Qantas engine explodes or some other small problem.

Qantas engine explodes or some other small problem. Making the best of it at JFK. Another short clip from Shannon Navy Carrier Air Traffic Control. Old control tower recording. Police chase on Love Field tower recording. SKW gear appears to be up. Air Refueling Coordination.

Not on this frequency! Oshkosh "Collision" on Fisk Arrival.

Shannon Controller and "Speedbird" pilot - little morning chat in good temper. Audio comparison of using a filter to improve reception. Prankster on ATC Frequency. Re: Help Setting Up a Feed. AA smoke. Harrison Ford Landing Oshkosh. Green laser shined to Cockpit of Adria Flight - recorded conversation. Continental have no fear, cross 22R, good luck. United Maintenance - Captain's window needs repair and cellophane tape?

Need lav service Justin Bieber Interference. Re: jfk gnd: the joker is gettin mad. Brand new 31L at JFK? Or maybe not Flight of 2 F's into Boeing Field. Re: "Mystery Tone" often heard over the air communications? KJFK balloons on runway. Delta turbulence diversion. Re: Funny thing heard on ORD departure. Lakers score? Bankstown, Sydney. Aircraft Collision. Dual landing clearance for two aircraft at LAX? Blackhawks Landing in Chicago after winning the Stanley Cup.

Re: kbhm divertion. BTA "We'll work on that". Was that a NO!!?? We need another minute, "ok I am Going to time you".. Delta Possible Security Breech, Return to the gate! JFK Tower recommends driving lessons. Technically he's a peckerhead! American Overfly Airport Man in Lavatory!! Re: Jetblue Multiple Canada Geese strike. Re: New Shanwick Feed from Dundalk ireland. UAL 27 Fire in the Cockpit. JFK Plane decides to go home upon advisory from Tower. Air Force One lands in Buffalo. AAL busted engine. Re: Metalic microphone. KTVC student, lost? KBUR Runway incursion Midwestern fireball - probably meteor.

Dodger Stadium - Opening Day Flyover. KWHP: "airplanes everywhere". It can be so hard to leave JFK. Shoe Fire Broadcasts: "here we go again". Re: Easter earthquake in Baja. Who can hear what the pilot said? LA, Cactus AAL - pos. AAL 70kt overtake on landing. Can anybody help me to figure out what the two pilots say in the transmittion. NZ Malibu Crash in Roanoke. QFA5 Emergency 30th March. Tail strike at JFK. Just another day at Whiteman Class D. Re: AA - Pressurization problem Pilots having fun at KBOS.

KBOS wind shear go arounds. Direct Where? United KSNA Just another evening with Boston John. Re: Captain C. Re: Controller in trouble for letting child direct air traffic at Kennedy Airport. Spirit Landing with Eyes closed!! Captain C. Re: anyone know whos kid that was at jfk tower today? Snowstorm makes things hectic at O'Hare.

SkyWest and United are Wing Men!! KSFO Controller Wants A Vacation! Air Canada Out Of Comm. American B near New York on Feb 21st , burning smell.


I want your job Sure is quiet here - ZOA in the morning. Re: A Moment with Boston John! ZOA testing the patience of Cathay pilot. A Moment with Boston John! Palo Alto Plane crash. Re: Marine Controller flying through our airspace so we messed with him. An exchange with JFK Tower over the effect of deicing agent on runway. Cessna Engine Emergency over So Cal.

Cessna touchdown on NJ Turnpike. Unidentified sound discussion on Air China "communicating " with ATC edited. Fed Ex Humor. Cactus "on the miss" - KROC 1. American and United both go around! Re: JFK! Whats the bottom of a super like? You have not moved an inch! KTVC nerd. Re: JFK Just a few interesting exchanges. JFK Just a few interesting exchanges. Travis Rapcon Evacuation. Re: United hydraulics problem getting gear down to SNA. John's NF. Austral pilot makes emergency landing in Tucuman, Argentina. Another Glorious Day In Paradise! CYA in American Eagle style!

Contact "She"cago Departure Alaska Medical Situation. United Aborts Takeoff!! A little turbulance? FLG - carbon monoxide in cockpit. Boeing Dreamliner ATC. This guy sounds like he's in a bad mood. BA Tower Tape. A family of possums crossing at Oakland.

Let's talk in rhythm! Left Side or Right Side? Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard this flight service to Philadelphia! Oh hell, wrong frequency. Cactus were to high, going around!! Nov 24 from min. Re: Cleared To Land I Guess. Air Force One leaving Tokyo. We've got a great visual on him! Cleared To Land Liveatc mentioned by tower controller on frequency - KPVU.

Comair doesn't want to talk to Ground. JFK joker keep jokin' Call the tower please. JFK tower and comair "awww man Airforce One "Welcome to San Francisco". LH JFK damages tyres prior take-off. Blue Angels San Francisco radio calls - "Knock it off MD80 engine failure - handled professionally.

Blue Angels San Francisco radio calls - "a little pullll KCLT tower evacuation Oct 1. Helicopter Encounters Mechanical Problems. Re: Sullenberger and Skiles Fly Today. Hey tower how're ya doin? HF from the eighties. Re: Mystery Interference Short Bursts. Green laser near Buffalo. Raider 01 Oakland Coliseum Fly-by. Aeromexico hijacked at MMMX. A punch in stomach! Air Refueling Chatter. Contact mission control :. Jet Blue 63 smell in cabin emergency at JFK. Jet Blue NY style. What real None-stop flight is! Cyaaaa in Comair style :. THY asked to go around after landing clearance. Altitude problem again?

AAL feeling sassy? Miss by ft then just plays it cool. Worth KDFW. Re: JFK Paraglider. Turtle Strike. F Dump and burn over Brisbane, Australia. JFK "Cya! Got buzzed by Sully Sullenberger. Boston John enjoys his job. AA lands at LAX with no clearance Good humor for the option at Oakland International. Re: The event that is Air Force One. Re: Information on Vancouver plane incident. Thanks to the OAK feed Pilot in command announcement. AFR not happy with Boston Center. One injured. Delta 98 fuel low at KJFK. Gorgeous voice from Eagle Flight once again :. Contact approach vs. Visual approach.

Sticky mike in Amsterdam. EGPF Audio. Re: Wrong freq! Northern Colorado Med Evac bird strike-good job! One in, one out when IFR. Chopper chit chat at Boston. Having a hard time reading altitude. Wrong freq! SBGL: Dog stops partially a runway. DC blows nose gear tire on landing at BWI.