Fashion at the time of Marie-Antoinette

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The Edo Period not only overlapped with the reign of Marie Antoinette, it far outlasted her, continuing on until In the court of Versailles, during the 17th and 18th centuries, chinoiserie motifs were highly prevalent, and many, if not most, textile techniques in existence first originated in Asia.

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But why care about these small boxes in particular? The boxes that will go on view at The Getty are often less than one inch high. But despite their smallness, these boxes were of course objects of great monetary worth. Other items do remain— some paintings and a basket here, one splendid and restored dress there, not to mention the communal property that was Versailles. But by and large, the historical significance of this exhibition lies partially in the fact that it was able to be organized at all.

Marie Antoinette Fashions

She had this room redecorated specifically to showcase the precious works. A few favorite examples were placed on small tables, but the majority of the boxes were displayed on shelves in a glass-fronted cabinet. Footed Fan-shaped Box, Edo Period, late 17th—midth century, artist unknown. All rights reserved.

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Most Shared. It was usually made of silk and had embroidered or printed floral motifs.

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Then, tuck the top into the skirt so it hugs your body. Finish the look with glitzy statement jewelry and embellished heels that irradiate wealth and elegance. It was a light dress that looked like a nightgown in fresh fabrics like muslin, often pulled in at the waist with a ribbon or drawstring.

Dress Styles

The hues ranged from white to pastel to multi-colored floral prints. To get the look, opt for a long white dress with a gypsy-style top and s-style full skirt or buy the top and skirt separately if you're struggling to find the correct dress silhouette.

click here Then, finish the ensemble with a thick piece of colored ribbon tied at the waist in a standout hue. In terms of accessories, choose a straw hat and lace-up shoes, similar to what the Queen wore when she was tending to her vegetable garden at the Petit Trianon.

During the 18th century , corsets were worn as underwear. They used to have lace at the back and be quite decorative at the front with silk brocade and gold trim.

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If you're after a sassy, more unique Marie Antoinette aesthetic, you could find an embroidered corset and pair it with a long white maxi or tulle skirt to replicate what the Queen wore as her undergarments. Then dress it down with loose, natural hair and minimalistic jewelry. The Queen was extremely rich and fortunate, so go for sparkly embellished heeled court shoes and a sequin clutch bag.

Dress up your outfit with diamante necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.