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Paul, who grew up in modern-day Turkey and then was educated in Jerusalem, moved around the Mediterranean planting churches in different cultural contexts. To the Philippians he wrote: "I learned to be content whatever the circumstances. As Paul coped with various cultural issues, he was also dogged by Jewish Christians from Israel who tried to force Gentile converts to become Jewish in which case Christianity would have been a mono-cultural movement.

Another Biblical event to look at would be the story of Ruth. Here's a young woman who left her home country and culture and moved to Israel and wound up ultimately being in the list of Jesus' ancestors! Other Bible stories to ponder include: Joseph: He wound up being forced as a slave into another country and culture. He kept his faith and lived in such a wise way that he rose to a position of power. Genesis Daniel: Living in Babylon during the exile period, Daniel kept his faith while also being a person of influence in the Babylonian government.

Abraham: Abraham had some failures in cross-cultural encounters. Because of fears for his own safety, he introduced his wife as his sister during a visit to Egypt.

Culture Shock, Washington DC – Dance Place

Genesis Reverse culture shock and how to copy with it at home - AbbeyRoad programs. Reverse culture shock is what people often experience when returning to their home culture after living in another for a period of time. That can be a long process. The work of adjusting back to the States seems never quite over. When you use this material, an acknowledgment of the source would be appreciated.

American Culture & Culture Shock

Moving from ethnocentric monoculturalism to joyfully embracing multi-culturalism is not done with one huge leap. It is a journey of small steps.

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If someone is on a short stay, this initial excitement may define the whole experience. However, if someone has moved to the new locale on a long-term basis, this "honeymoon" phase will eventually end. As the initial glee of being in a new environment wears off, people grow increasingly irritated and disoriented.

Fatigue sets in with the misunderstanding of others' actions or conversation, ways of doing or operating things, habits: all the little other nuances of speech, appearance, and behavior that instinctively understood at home. The inability to effectively communicate—to interpret what others mean and to make oneself understood—is usually the prime source of frustration.

Culture shock can be tough to overcome, but the syndrome often does dissipate over time. As a traveler becomes more familiar with a place, the people, customs, food, and language become more palatable and comfortable. Navigation of surroundings gets easier. Friends are made.

And everything gets a little more comfortable. Following this period of adjustment comes the final stage of culture shock: acceptance.

Yang Bikin Jihyeok KAGET Saat ada di Indonesia : Culture Shock Orang Korea di Indonesia

Time and habit help deal with culture shock. But individuals can take some shock-absorbing steps to speed recovery.

What is Culture Shock, and What Can I do to Avoid it?

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