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Racks of jackets stashed around the office. So when she stumbled across the Satorisan 20K Sandal in a local San Anselmo shoe store during a weekend shopping trip, she had to know more. But first, she bought a pair. Because, as we all know, you should never pass up a great shoe. They were hip, felt kinda euro, and were comfy as all get out. Cut to a couple weeks later at a trade show, and low and behold, there they were, in the area reserved for new, small vendors—Satorisan, in town all the way from Spain.

Never one to miss a chance to connect, she marched straight up and introduced herself to the rep. The more they talked, the more jazzed she got—the company was a small Spanish shoemaker who believed that a quality shoe should become more beautiful and more comfortable over time. They believed shoes have the power to help you appreciate every experience in life. Their authenticity showed in everything they did.

Custom Defender 110 Built to Conquer Rugged Mountain Terrain - Project Andes D110

We carry several different pairs, but our hands-down favorite is the 20K Sandal. We went out to dinner, and talked shoes, and adventure. True to form, his next stop was waterfall-hunting in the Pacific Northwest.

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He sent pictures of his finds, Satorisan-clad feet knee-deep in the cold, clear water of an Oregon waterfall. We are so very proud to offer this rare find as one of the stars of our shoe collection. Tags: Focus on Product made in spain sandals Satorisan shoes Travel. Get comfortable traveling to your audience rather than expecting them to come to you. An essential part of starting out is creating a moving target for your company. Finance can feel like a blocker to getting started but lack of funding is a forcing function to putting thought-first.

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If your budget is low — it should be for events in the early stages — use channels that others have created before you and paths that have already been cleared. The most obvious carrot in many cases is a tech conference that fits your target customer audience. While most events are about mutual buy-in between you and attendees, know that conferences are not. With the wrong mindset or context, a conference will take your money and leave you hungry.

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Start spending big money on conferences only when they allow you to be specific, aggressive or competitive. You can gain a lot for free, and you can give a lot for free. A bad version of this opportunity is spending half of your annual marketing budget on sponsoring a conference closing party. Sure, your logo will be on a balloon or napkin, but no one will care. You could also host an invite-only meetup in the hotel bar that everyone is staying at for the conference, or somewhere nearby, which matches the company brand.

Make it personal by dropping a handwritten note for them at the front desk.

As you grow, that should never change. These moments define how people think of you and your company from personal memory.

Conquer Land and Build an Empire with CryptoRome

Your events will never grow or scale well if you do this. For the longest time, theatre companies and venues have been tightly aligned with and owned by promotion houses. Apart from acknowledging the different skillsets at play in events and the importance of alignment between those functions, this classic structure highlights something we all too easily miss: events are a success or a failure before they ever happen.

Companies that are successful at building brand experiences never outsource their ideas or their voice. They can, however, outsource their executors. The sooner you introduce speakers, personality and creative control to your events, the better. Co-market and share the effort, the creative and the expense with another company or meetup group that you respect and want to be seen with.

Use tools you already have. Your office can be your venue, your team can be your thought leaders and your customers your first audience. No one is nailing this. When building brand experience, you must commit to humanizing your company and embracing its roots. Speaking to people is hard but you have to do it.


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Spend time with the people that matter: your audience, your opportunities. This is a space that you can use to define your business today. Events are an opportunity waiting for you, the moment you have someone using your product. Our book, Intercom on Marketing, has many more of the lessons that helped us grow from zero customers to more than 20, See our advice for startups on developing messaging, getting word of mouth, keeping teams aligned, and more.

Discover and hunt a huge range of creatures across the Boundless universe.

Marketing strategist Val Geisler walks through practical email tips, her process for onboarding, and why she likens career progression to a spiral staircase. Dee Reddy. Sales 3 min read. There are no silver bullets in sales, but there are actionable plays that high-growth companies use to scale their revenue. Marketing 4 min read. Intercom SVP of Marketing Shane Murphy-Reuter discusses his career path to date, the importance of consistency in messaging, how to navigate that journey upmarket, and how to instil change in a fast-moving, high-performing team.

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