Anomaly at Fortune Lake

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Rose Quartz Said to bring luck in love. Selenite Used for good luck and protection, while also clearing, charging, and enhancing the properties of other crystals and stones in this piece. Gold is often referred to as the master healer, being able to clear negativity from chakras and energy fields of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Gold is considered to have an energy which is cooperative, receptive and regenerative, and works very well with other gemstones, attracting and maintaining qualities from other stones, increasing their power, while providing a stabilising influence on them. Each piece is hand made, and takes at least 6 days to make. We try our very best to ensure they are as aesthetically pleasing as possible, but the nature of the processes involved means that air bubbles, small holes, or blemishes may possibly be present.

Any such physical imperfections have no effect on the function of the piece. This orgonite piece is orgone processing material. It converts orgone from negative to positive, and is also thought to release positive orgone energy when stimulated by conventional forms of energy. Clustered double terminated Lemurian quartz crystals combine all the properties of quartz, Lemurian quartz crystals, double terminated quartz crystals, and clustered quartz. These are relatively rare specimens that are highly coveted for their unique healing properties. Metaphorically, as the two or more double terminated crystals have grown together for millions of years, the clusters are seen as naturally assisting and healing, aiding growth and development.

Physically, Amethyst quartz is clear quartz that has been coloured purple by impurities of iron and manganese compounds. Amethyst was considered a precious stone in ancient times, and at times has been worth as much as diamond. Today, Amethyst remains a primary choice for many metaphysicians, and is considered a powerful and protective crystal.

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Other metaphysical properties include being a natural stress reliever, aiding creativity and idea forming, helping to bring projects to fruition, encouraging inner strength, aiding development of imagination, intuition and psychic abilities, transforming negative energy into positive energy, enhancing spiritual wisdom and awareness, aiding peacefulness required for meditation, promoting peaceful sleep, providing comfort during grieving, and being a purifier to the aura.

Physically, Rose quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal found in abundance all around the world, and only occurs in massive form, with no crystal faces, edges or terminations. Sometimes called pink quartz, its distinctive rose-pink colour is due to trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese. Rose quartz was prized in the ancient world for its powers of physical beatification, and has been exchanged as a token of love from as early as B.

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Today, Rose quartz remains one of the major carving stones of China, and is considered as the stone of unconditional love, carrying compassion and peace, and is one of the most important stones for heart chakra work. Rose quarts is often referred to as the love stone, with a high soothing and calming energy that can enhance all types of love; self-love, family love, platonic love, romantic love and unconditional love.

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Other metaphysical properties include helping to raise self-esteem, lower stress, balance emotions, ease anxiety, clear out anger and jealousy, aid empathy and reconciliation, attract new love, develop closer bonds with family and friends, support connections within groups and the community, stimulate the imagination in relation to art, music and writing, and circulate a divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. We believe aluminium and gold to be the best materials for use in organite, especially in combination with the rest of the high quality materials that we use.

Any metal will work, but we find aluminium to be the strongest, and it is generally regarded as the best base metal to use. Our aluminium is not offcut material, scrapings, turnings or any other by-product of industry. These types of scrap aluminium commonly used in ogronite are often contaminated with oil, grease, other metals and materials, as you would expect. Although the orgonte will normally still function fine, these impurities can disrupt the operation; if there is too much fine metal, the efficiency of the piece can become compromised.

Gold is a precious metal , with its value rooted in its relative rarity. Highly conductive and resistant to erosion, modern day uses are split between jewellery, investments and industrial applications. Tourmalinated Quartz , also known as Tourmalated Quartz, is the natural formation of clear quartz crystal, with needles of black tourmaline sometimes known as Schorl encased within it. Metaphysically, Tourmalinated Quartz combines the properties of the clear quartz and black tourmaline , though having formed together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Clear quartz crystal brings energy amplification and cleansing, manifestation and spiritual growth, and black tourmaline brings grounding, protection, and negativity clearing.

Tourmalinated Quartz is used as a good luck charm, and is said to bring double luck to any situation. Green Aventurine , also known as Adventurine, Avanturine, Aventurine Quartz, and Indian Jade, is a type of quartz comprised of interlocking macrocrystalline quartz grains with disseminated grains from other minerals that impart colours to the stone.

Anomaly at Fortune Lake

Some of the most primitive stone tools crafted by human ancestors more than 2. Green Aventurine is known as the Stone of Opportunity, and is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals in manifesting prosperity and wealth, and for increasing favour in competitions or games of chance. Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place.

It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. So apart from attracting luck, it aligns conditions so that opportunity is enevitable. It is said that carrying Green Aventurine in the left pocket is the ideal position for bringing about good fortune.

Other metaphysical properties of Green Aventurine include providing a comforting, soothing, harmonising energy that protects the heard, increasing creativity and motivation, encouraging perseverance, amplifying leadership qualities, injecting a sense of humour, bringing about a better understanding and appreciation of nature, stimulating the physical growth of premature infants, young children and teenagers, enhancing intellectual development, assisting written work, and assisting people find love in their elderly years.

Malachite is a green banded mineral that has a monoclinic crystal structure, composed of copper carbonate hydroxide, and is formed deep underground in fractures and spaces. Malachite is a stone of transformation and emotional clarity, and is one of the most popular metaphysical stones. It often attracts people, though they are often not sure why.

Malachite is also a stone of travel, thought to bring protection and alleviate fears on all forms of transport. Emerald is a green variety of beryl, a mineral composed of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. Trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium are responsible for the green colour. Emerald was a stone worshipped by the Incas, believed by the Chaldeans to contain a goddess, and was highly honoured in all major religions for its spiritual power and beauty.

Emerald was considered a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt, a gift of Thoth - the god of wisdom, and was a favourite jewel of Queen Cleopatra. Emerald is known as the stone of successful love, and opens and nurtures the heart and the heart chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. Emerald promotes friendship, balance between partners, and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty.

It was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to ensure security in love. Other metaphysical properties include being a stone of vision and intuition, helping to foretell future events, combining intelligence with discernment, enhancing wisdom, memory and mental clarity, increasing focus and intent, activating psychic abilities, increasing creativity, encouraging communication and bonding within groups, and assisting in determining if others are speaking the truth or not. Black Tourmaline , sometimes known as Schorl, is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium.

Black Tourmaline was used in ancient times by magicians to protect them from earth demons as they cast their spells. Today it is still used by tribes in Africa, Native Americans, and aboriginal groups in Australia as a talisman to protect against all dangers. It is a powerful grounding stone, providing a connection between earth and the human spirit, while also considered a protective crystal on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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Physically, Selenite is a crystal composed of oxygen, sulphur, hydrogen, calcium and water, and is frequently found in alkaline lake muds, clay beds, evaporated seas, salt flats, salt springs, and caves. Selenite is thought to be excellent for clearing, charging, and enhancing the properties of other crystals and stones in close proximity, and is seen as a master of energetic clearing on all levels. Metaphysically it is a protective stone, used to open, activate and clear all chakras, removing negativity and energy blocks on emotional, etheric and physical levels.

Other metaphysical properties include, increasing intuition and psychic awareness, awaken or deepen telepathic ability, aiding meditation facilitating the full opening of the crown chakra - known in the Hindu tradition as the Thousand-Petaled Lotus , aiding quick spiritual growth, bringing harmony and inner peace, promoting honesty, enhancing mental clarity, decreasing confusion, stabilising erratic emotions, strengthening memory, aiding decision making, and shielding personal space from outside influences.

It has been claimed that selenite emits negative ions, and is able to change the chemical composition of liquids placed near it, but we have not been able to find any data to confirm these claims. The primary function of orgonite is to convert negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy.

Secondary functions of orgonite pieces are influenced by: The quality and purity of the basic materials used The inclusion of any other materials such as gemstones Care and precision to the arrangement and combination of materials The overall aesthetics of the piece.

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We go to great lengths to use the highest quality materials that we can. When using gemstones, we ensure the specimens are genuine, and select the highest grade possible. We also include selenite to clear, charge, and enhance the properties of gemstones. We are very precise about the type and grade of materials, but also the accurate positioning of them. Hexagonal patterns are found in nature on both micro and macro scales; from snowflakes to the jet stream that flows around the north pole of Saturn, a hexagonal formation several times the size of earth. The flower of life is a hexagonal formation said to contain all patterns of creation, and is found in most ancient cultures, and in architecture and literature all around the world.

In the context of orgonite, hexagonal formations are stronger than the sum of their parts. We try to incorporate hexagonal geometry wherever possible in the construction of our pieces, and of course the double terminated Lemurian quartz crystals that we use in every single piece of personal orgonite have naturally formed hexagonal prisms for shafts, and naturally formed hexagonal pyramids at each termination point. All of our personal orgonite pieces take at least six days of slow, careful, precise workmanship to complete.

However, jumping from alternating layers of organic and inorganic material in a 6-sided orgone accumulator box, to an orgone generator consisting of a matrix of organic and inorganic material with a quartz crystal contained within it, is a big leap that requires evidence to support the theory. There is no known thermal anomaly with orgonite, as it does not accumulate orgone energy, it instead converts negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy. However, similar to the orgone accumulator box, there does appear to be some evidence of enhanced plant growth in the vicinity of orgonite pieces.

Some of these could be described as anecdotal, but none the less, these are accounts of significant increased plant growth around orgonite devices. Indeed ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on Indeed. For more information, see the Indeed Privacy Policy.

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Data Scientist - Intern. A distant galaxy exhibits unusual characteristics in Justin's amateur telescope, and something under the lake is stirring.

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Soon military submarine chaser aircraft from two countries are involved, and so are astronomers from around the world. It's a race to understand the anomaly. It's a race to discover the meaning of the anomalies, and Ashley and Justin take an unexpected lead in the investigations. Two anomalies point to a visit from space that could change the world. Create Widget. About Wayne J Lutz. His writing genres include regional Canadian publications and science fiction Learn more about Wayne J Lutz.