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This meant skating every single day and practicing hard to keep up with the progression of the sport. As a pro skater, your sponsors expect a lot more so it was a big commitment not to be taken lightly. There were also girls from my school who would come to the park to support me while I skated.

Other girls came to check out the boys who were riding. In some states it was not as prevalent to see girls skateboarding vert.

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A pro male skater recently told me that when I traveled on a skate tour to Apple Skatepark in Ohio in the late 70s to do a demo, I was the very first female skater he had seen in person. Girls skateboarding pools and half-pipes were a rarity back then.

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I decided early on that the entrepreneurial route was more my style rather than a steady I focused on becoming a stylist and worked with young celebrities and major advertisers for many years, picking and choosing the shoots I wanted. That meant hustling to get work and keep clients, which I thrive on. Next, I decided to focus on styling pro and Olympic athletes for print ads, commercials and magazines.

I coined and trademarked the name Sports Stylist and that is what I have been doing ever since. With the support of Dwindle Distribution the largest company in male dominated skateboarding we did a collaboration with their Dusters California brand. Every board that is sold gives back to non-profit organizations that help girls in skateboarding.

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Dwindle matches me dollar for dollar in this endeavour and we are on our 8th board now. All of our projects give back in some way to girls in skateboarding. Tell us that story about the famous photo of you on the freeway in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is notorious for bad traffic, especially on the freeway. They had to close the freeway again a year later to finish the project; I decided to sneak onto the freeway and skate down it while there were no cars on it like a big F. That actually made me want to do it even more. We left the house at about 5 AM and it took us about two and half hours to find a spot to get onto the freeway without the police seeing us.

I skated, Ian Logan took the photos and it went viral as soon as I put it on Instagram. Luckily the police cannot arrest you for something they did not personally witness, so no arrests. Extremely important! When girls support each other, so much can be accomplished. We need to stop raising young girls to view other girls as the enemy.

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Do you see an increasing number of women behind the scenes in the industry, or just more female skateboarders? I see both. So many more women are going the DIY route and creating media, brands, events and contests. And yes, more girls skateboard now.

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When you see another girl do something, you realize that you can do it, too. We are seeing an entire young generation of kickass little skater girls. Bush Administration. Ambassador to West Germany during the run-up to the fall of the Berlin Wall and a longtime expert on nuclear-arms talks.

Shortly thereafter, by coincidence, Trump and Burt attended the same society wedding in New York. Burt, who confirmed the story to me, acknowledged his new position.

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The White House did not respond to a request for comment. North Korea has at least twenty nuclear bombs—atomic and hydrogen—as well as ballistic missiles now capable of hitting any part of the United States.

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Trump loves the chaos and the bluster—and to mouth off and get people off balance. He wants to destabilize them, get them out of their comfort zone, then try to dictate the terms. By doing that, he believes he can get the upper hand. President Trump is already boasting about his success in negotiating with North Korea, even before a date for talks has been set. Now there is a good chance that Kim Jong Un will do what is right for his people and for humanity.

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Look forward to our meeting! Trump may be twice as old as the North Korean leader, but he has so far failed to demonstrate much diplomatic technique as President. Other more experienced Presidents have also failed at pivotal summits on nuclear issues, however. He was right. Khrushchev had the upper hand throughout the two-day negotiations.

At one point, he went on a famous tirade.