2013 Radiology Business Update

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Sept J Cancer ; 5 4 J Cancer ; 5 1 Post-operative seroma causing spontaneous nipple discharge: diagnosis by galactography. Journal of Radiology Case Reports. May ;7 5 Standardized pretreatment breast MRI—accuracy and influence on mastectomy decisions. Journal of Surgical Oncology.

How radiology will fare under 12222 Medicare proposals

Dec ; 7 Society of Surgical Oncologists, March The impact of routine pretreatment magnetic resonance imaging on the surgical planning and outcome in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Clayton T, Kirkpatrick AD.

More than volunteer physicians, representing more than 20 radiology and non-radiology specialty organizations, participate on the ACR expert panels to continuously update these guidelines. Ellenbogen, M. ACR said its software will enable physicians to order the right imaging examination at the right time and can improve quality, reduce unnecessary scans and lower imaging costs.

Healthcare IT vendors have developed CDS that integrates with EMRs and includes benefits managers and insurance companies to ensure payment for appropriate procedures.

These systems also combine guidelines from multiple sources into one location. It also documents the diagnosis and procedures, and records the current imaging recommendation regardless of what was ordered. RadWise CDS can help organizations improve quality by determining the most appropriate imaging, eliminating unnecessary or redundant tests, monitoring radiation exposure and documenting outcomes. Epic Imaging, an outpatient diagnostic imaging center in Portland, Ore. Everyone today is just too busy to deviate from their workflow.

Along with society guidelines, each hospital has its own set of protocols, so CDS software needs to be customizable. The advantage of a cloud server is it can be easily accessed anywhere through an encrypted connection. It also allows for easier updates of guidelines or reimbursement rules. In addition to offering decision support, a system should offer feedback reports. It should be customizable to analyze each physician to see if they met AUC. If the system identifies many cases where the criteria were not met, Daniel said it may not be a problem with the doctor, but an issue with the guidelines.

Daniel said the software can help document everything to remove interim steps to care, such as case review boards or pre-certification of a procedure. It also can better guide physicians to more closely align their care to the guidelines, which may improve patient outcomes. It has an integrated report engine that checks each answer put into the system against a database of common pitfalls, acceptable averages i.

Aaron Kirkpatrick, MD – Radiology Imaging Associates

Smart Read aggregates expert wisdom into easy-to-understand points that are displayed during image interpretation. Their advice helps flatten the learning curve and ensures physicians are up-to-date with the latest trends. Given Obamacare, and the trend toward accountable care organizations, this type of CDS will be a huge advance to saving cardiologists and radiologists a lot of headaches with prior authorization, while ensuring that doctors can perform physician-preferred, rather than insurance dictated, medicine.

Healthcare initiatives include payment reform that incentivizes providers to provide better healthcare. Most of these incentives so far have been for hospitals leveraging information technology in a meaningful way to better manage patient care. Providers said using CDS to create order sets was the most impactful software support.

Order sets and care plans were rated highest for standardizing care across organizations, though lower for their impact on clinical decisions.

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KLAS found many providers view order sets and care plans as reflections of decisions already made or known, rather than tools for making on-the-fly clinical decisions. Standardization is seen as a way to channel management of standard problems through evidence-based guidelines.

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Providers indicated that changing cultures and gaining consensus was often the most challenging part of getting to a standard, and that the evidence and tools in order sets and care plans made that process easier. Few provider organizations have measured the impact of their CDS tools on actual outcomes. Most providers are optimistic, but responses on positive outcomes were often anecdotal, so more data needs to be collected.

Clinical guidelines by topic

The report said the software needs to be better integrated into EMRs and seamlessly integrate into workflows. Windsong Radiologist, X. Knowledge is Power Breast Health Seminar. Intervention and Vascular Services.

Holzhauer featured in Buffalo News. Windsong Begins Mobile Mammography. Become an Early Detection Champion. Komen Race for the Cure. Welcome Dr. Komissarova and other news. It Takes 2 Event at Theodore Roosevelt site. Windsong Whispers Newsletter Feb Windsong Whispers Newsletter Fall Windsong Whispers Newsletter Spring Susan G. Canal Walk Windsong Whispers Newsletter Winter Windsong now accepts MVP and Cigna. Windsong opens downtown Buffalo screening mammogram location.